25 Sep, 2013

Wavves – September 23, 2013

WAVVES @ The Bluebird Theater – 9/23/13

A little over 200 people showed up to The Bluebird Theater on E. Colfax in Denver Monday night ,9/23/13,  to get there chance to see one of the loudest and entertaining bands on the scene today ,”WAVVES”. Bringing what I can only describe as their style of “neo” or “new wave grunge” to the masses, they are currently on a nineteen show national tour, which will take them to both coasts of the U.S. and everywhere in between.


This being my first time experiencing the band live, I was a little weary as the show began, due to the fact that as soon as the band walked on stage the venue turned down the  preshow music and left the band standing in awkward silence as they still readied themselves to begin. Lead singer/guitarist, Nathan Williams, even made it known to the crowd, who also stood in their own quiet awkwardness, awaiting the music, that the silence was “nerve racking” and “uncomfortable.” I was beginning to become a bit suspicious myself of how the night was going to go, but that thought was quickly extinguished as they “EXPLODED” with an energy that seemed completely absent  when they walked on stage a minute before.

The first song of the night was “Idiot”, from the 2010 album “King of the Beach”.  An anthemic rock tune with catchy chorus and striking drums. This brought the crowds energy to a high, as the guys didn’t waste much time Jumping into “King of the Beach”. The feedback  of guitars screaming into an audience that was already into  mosh and full headbanging mode, only led to a burstful exchange of energies between band and audience.

After getting completely rowdy on stage with the tune, “Hippies is Punk,” The band slowed it down a bit with the namesake track off their new album “Afraid of Heights,” which sat well with the audience, who took part in the “Wooing”  during the beginning of the tune with the band. At this point, you could have swore that a thousand more people had just ventured into the venue, as the crowd cheer was almost deafening.


“SuperSoaker”  had the audience foaming for more as Bassist “Stephen Pope” lends his high vocals (and his long hair to add) to the chorus, while the energy of this tune leads the audience into the signature “WAVVES” noise-polluted beach grunge. definetley This fusion of noise and  feedback segued into songs such as “Post Acid”, “Paranoid” and “Beat Me up,” which featured fast pounding drum beats and ferocious bass bending.  The band closed it out the show with fan favorites, “No Hope Kids” and “Green Eyes”.

As quick as it started, it was over. The show lasted about an hour, and although it seemed almost too quick in ending, it really left the audience wanting more. Much, much more in fact, as the merchandise table was immediately packed full of fans buying T-shirts, Vinyl and CD’s, and lining up the sidewalks outside of the Bluebird Theater hoping to meet the band afterwards.

If this show says anything about the future of this band, don’t expect them to be at the Bluebird Theater next time as I’m sure they will be given a much larger stage and venue in Colorado to play. These guys are not only the “Real Deal”, in the music scene, They are above all, fun, exciting and completely professional on stage. The amount of energy they are able to release on stage is something to be commended. Simply awesome

I wouldn’t ever miss a WAVVES Show from here on out…….



Show reviewed by Nes Lasen

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