24 Jun, 2014

Water For People Fundraiser: 2014 Whiskey Rebellion

“We want people to have safe, continuous water, and when they do, our job will be done. We want water for everyone, forever.” 


Everybody deserves clean drinking water- for life. This wonderful organization is called Water For People, and thewatertapsir goal is to accomplish exactly that; to provide “complete water coverage for every family, every school, and every clinic.”

They define success as every household, every school, every community, and every facility/clinic in defined geographical regions
having access to clean water and improved sanitation services. How are they doing it? Water For People works together with IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, and WSUP (Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor) to target said regions and put forth efforts to provide them with clean water and sanitation. With the help of local governments, community members, and other organizations, they put financial and physical operations in place to ensure that those communities won’t need Water For People for much longer. They believe water shouldn’t be a luxury, and basically, they’re working hard to make sure they never have to work hard again.
whiskey rebelAs mentioned, Water For People relies on community support to continue their research and fieldwork. The 2014 Whiskey Rebellion will be held on July 10th at The Curtis hotel in Denver, Colorado as a fundraiser for Water For People. The event is described as “a showcase of American brown spirits.” The event is 21 and over because attendees will be able to sample numerous different kinds of whiskey, attend a cocktail demo, and enjoy snacks throughout the day. Not 21 yet and still want to help out? Visit Water For People’s website for donation and support information.


“We’re thinking and acting beyond the tools and the toilets, and beyond today. We are building a foundation for the future, through Everyone, Forever. “




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