25 Jan, 2013

Vote for Radio 1190 in Westword’s Best of 2013

The poll for Westword’s Best of Denver 2013 is up, and we’re hoping that you’ll vote for Radio 1190! Can you believe that there aren’t categories for best radio stations? Us either! But Westword gives you the option to fill in a category, and hope you will vote for us.

Here’s what you need to do: For #184, paste in “Best Non-Commercial Radio Station – Radio 1190″–it’s that simple! Then, fill out at least twenty of the other categories and give all the great local businesses around Boulder/Denver the love they deserve too (because who doesn’t love the best thrift stores, picnic areas, and festivals to go along with the best radio)!

The first round of voting goes until February 18th, after which they’ll show results and start round two of voting, so get your votes in! Radio 1190 thanks you.

Vote vote vote HERE HERE HERE!

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