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Not only do volunteers become a part of our tight-knit community, they also learn about all of the moving parts that make radio happen. Volunteers can immerse themselves in independent music and culture while utilizing a range of skills. If you’ve got a talent, we can probably put it to work. If you’re just curious, we’re happy to teach you something new. We have opportunities in DJing, photography, writing concert and album reviews, marketing the station, graphic design, production, and so much more. Volunteering at Radio 1190 puts you at the forefront of the independent music scene. We’re always looking for new people, so feel free to drop by the basement of the UMC and say hello. (Just a note, we no longer offer any opportunities to fulfill court-ordered volunteer hours)

Interested? Email, show up to any of our weekly events, or swing by to sign up!


Weekly Events Spring 2019:


Street team, 5:00 PM

Airboard, 6:00 PM


Music Appreciation Club, 5 PM

News Team, 5 PM


Volunteer Meeting, 5 PM


Sweeper workshop, 5 PM


Local shakedown, 5 PM

Event Descriptions:

Street Team - 

Get close to the forefront of up and coming music by sorting through new releases every Monday at 5 PM in the station. Each week that you attend, you will be assigned a new album to listen to, you will check if it is clean to play on the radio and if it sounds like it would be a good fit for 1190, and write a brief review. You will have the chance to win cool merchandise and concert tickets, as well as in station credit, for your efforts!

Music Appreciation Club - 

Every week, MAC picks a new, controversial or influential album to listen to and discuss on Tuesdays at 5 PM in the station. In the past, we have listened to anything from DJ Shadow's Endtroducing to a Delroy Wilson album! This event is a great way to connect with other music heads and learn the stories behind the music we all love. You will get an in station credit for attending this event each week as well. Email Jack at if you have any questions. 

Airboard Meeting - 

This crucial event is our connection to the CU student government. Airboard members discuss the station's budget, get proposals approved, and gain an understanding of the logistical side of running a college radio. Voting Airboard members are vital to the station's inner workings. This event is on Tuesdays at 5 PM in UMC room 404. Email Sierra at with any questions about Airboard. 


Volunteer Meeting - 

This is a great event for just about anyone. It is laid back, some weeks we have a specific project to complete (posters, buttons, promotional flyers) and other weeks we just have some food and hang out. This is a great event for newcomers to attend to ask any questions about the station, or to get a tour! You will get a credit for attending this event each week on Wednesdays at 5 PM. Email Mallory at if you have any questions!

Manager Meeting - 

This is a great opportunity for volunteers to participate in the inner workings of the station. These meetings are open to all volunteers, and you will get a credit for attending. We discuss upcoming events, current happenings at the station, and talk about things that have an impact on the entire station. This event is at 5 PM on Thursdays. You can email Mallory at if you have any questions about the manager meeting. 

Sweeper Workshop - 

Ever wonder how all of the fun, creative, on air skits that play in between songs on the air are made? It all happens at 6 PM during the sweeper workshop on Thursdays. Come to the production room and join Olivia for this fast paced, creative, and collaborative process. The sweepers that this group creates are important, because they not only fulfill our legal obligation to declare our station's legal ID in between songs, but good sweepers are fun to listen to and engage our audience when there is not a live DJ in the booth. You will get a credit for attending this event. Email if you have any questions about sweepers.

News Team - 

News team is a one of a kind opportunity for 1190 DJ's to find news stories and gain experience in news broadcasting on air. News team has done some incredible work this year, ranging from bringing in professors, future governors, spiritual gurus, and doing real time election coverage on air. If you are interested in journalism, public relations, or communication, this is a great team for you to be a part of. News team happens at 5 PM in the station every week on Tuesdays. Email Lucy at if you are interested in joining. 

Local Shakedown - 

This awesome event, run by Jeff Josephs, brings a live band into our studio every Friday at 5 PM. He works hard to bring in an incredible variety of acts from the area as well as some touring groups. After the performance, he conducts a live interview in the studio. There's no better way to feel as though you are a part of the action than to come and sit in for a live performance every Friday at 1190! Email Jeff at if you have any questions about Shakedown, or if you have a group that would be interested in booking a performance!