07 Oct, 2013

Varlet – “American Hymns”

VARLET – “American Hymns,” – released September 27, 2013

Indie folk group, “VARLET” will release their new album on September 27. The album, recorded at Hideaway Studios in Sedalia, Colorado, is strikingly titled “American Hymns.” The album features a mixture of distinctive jazzy harmonies coupled with intriguingly lively vocal melodies and smooth psychedelic tones that so admirably showcases the bands progression and maturation.

Lead singer, Lilly Scott, leads the way on this album through songs like “So You Go Along,” which features the eclectic and emphasized piano stylings of Vaughn McPherson. ” The “bluesy juke-house feel of “Liquid Wasteland,” showcases guitarist Cole Rudy’s wide ranging style, as he attacks this tune with a fierce emotion that simply put, displays the bands desire to grow and improve.

Songs like “Meteor,” feature a paradox of sounds fluctuating from fun and upbeat into soothing and delicate blends of organ, mandolin and keys. Other highlights featured on the album include “Tadpole,” The title track to the album “American Hymns,” which seemingly ties together the album, and “Borealis,” a sombre and quiet tune featuring the beautifully solemn and haunting vocals of drummer Will Duncan.

This album has a bundle of songs bound to become VARLET classics. Go home, sip on your favorite drink and relax to this masterpiece of an album. The new VARLET album “American Hymns” is available on CD, MP3,FLAC, or any other format you could possibly need.

Review by Nes Lasen

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