Underwriting Support


Radio 1190 is a public, listener supported, non-commercial radio station operated by a small and dedicated staff of music fanatics—and a large and equally fanatical group of volunteers. As a non-profit, and independent radio outlet, our freeform programming and specialty broadcasts deliver a truly unique listener experience, featuring vast collections of completely original music across the broadcast week, without interruption. Programming without commercials is a bonus for listeners, yet it means we rely on those listeners and the surrounding community for financial support. You can support Radio 1190 by any of the methods below:

- Tell your friends about Radio 1190.
Really. Tell them. They like you and think you’re cool. They’ll do whatever you do.

- Use our secure server to make a pledge online.
Ensure the quality and integrity of the music we play as you support the best independent radio station in Colorado.  Click HERE to donate.

- Become a Community Supporter… You don’t want the independent music you love going anywhere do you?
Help Radio 1190 continue its efforts to promote and facilitate education, community involvement and the love of all things musical just by donating a few bucks, or a lot of bucks. Either way, you’re supporting a mouthpiece for independent culture and the people who make it what it is. Call the station to find out how, at 303-735-4818 or email mikey@radio1190.org

- Join the CD of the Month Club
For less than $2 a day, every month you’ll receive our staff’s choice for best CD of the Month. You show your support for Radio 1190 and get happy surprises in the mail. What could be better? If you’re ready to support great music, join right now.  Email misho@radio1190.org to find out how you can join!


Option 1 

A basic plan to give your business exposure and airtime.  The schedule includes 5 announcements per week, one per day in various time slots between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Package cost: $100; Per spot: $20.00

 Option 2 

This plan gives you the option of spacing 17 spots over a two week or one month period.  For an upcoming event, you might want to consider more spots in less time, but if your message isn’t time sensitive, then you benefit from a longer term schedule:  Package cost: $300;  Per spot: $17.64

 Option 3 

This plan gives you the option of spacing 30 spots over a two week or one month period.  Basically, you may either have a spot a day for a month, or 2 spots a day for two weeks.  You can also pick your own schedule and air as many as 4 spots on a given day. Package cost: $500, Per spot: $16.66

 Option 4 

Our long-time supporters find this level to be best deal of all.  For an annual commitment, you receive a year’s worth of spots, 365 DA’s, to be used at your discretion.  You can spread it out with an announcement a day for a calendar year, or cluster them around special events. Package cost: $5000; Per spot: $13.69


Sample Sponsorship Announcement:

“Radio 1190 is supported by Cosmo’s Pizza, where the mediums look like everybody else’s large. On the hill in Boulder and the 16th Street Mall in Denver, open 7 days a week until 2 a.m.  For delivery at 555-5555, or on-line at www.cosmospizza.com.”

For More Information About The Package That Is Right For You, Call 303-735-4818 or email mikey@radio1190.org