25 Jul, 2014

UMS 2014: What To do Between Shows

The Underground Music Festival is about more than just music. It’s about community, discovery, and art. This year the UMS will have an art festival in the Main Festival Area on Archer Street. Below are the featured artists that you can see throughout the weekend!

The Bungaloo

John Vogl lives in sunny Denver, CO, and runs the Bungaloo, his one-man studio, with the help of his dog, Loki. His work is laboriously hand drawn, mostly screen printed, and seems to feature an over-abundance of birds and leaves.


Aden Holt (One Ton Creative)

The moniker “One Ton” first surfaced in Denton, Texas while I was in college. Only, it didn’t start as a graphic design company… it was originally a tiny record label I started as an avenue to release music I was writing with my college grunge band. As I followed my passion for music, I was also honing my professional design skills as a freelancer at two large design companies in Dallas. Clients ranged from Mission Tortillas to Neiman Marcus and Rolex. Personally, I was also designing under the moniker “One Ton Creative” for record companies, venues, and artists such as The Goo Goo Dolls, The Flaming Lips, Bowling For Soup, Drowning Pool, and The Toadies.



Chris Huth

Others have said “Chris Huth?…isn’t he that guy that’s always at the coffee shop?” _Actually, I am. But also, I’m a Level-7 master screen printer working in the field for few more than _80  years. I began my career as an established fine artist and I have been working as a designer and illustrator since 1894. I have produced fascinating works for a range of clients from multinational corporations to local emerging bands and adult dipper companies. I love swimming and will do it as much and in as many places as possible. I ride a lot of bicycles (not all at once) and play some mid level amateur ping-pong… I’m scared of spiders. (the little fast ones that are all spindly but I’m getting better at dealing with them)


Ink Lounge

Nicky and Stu Alden are Ink Lounge: a studio that is a mix of several ingredients: their passion for graphic design – their inspiration to make things by hand – their desire to work with and help other people. It is a studio where the designers continue to experiment with tactile materials (including screenprinting) and hand drawn illustrations that influence their daily design work. It is also an outlet where they give back to their community by offering classes on the art of screenprinting to non-profits, school art programs, university design programs and community groups. They strive to keep true to their beliefs that creativity can do some good things for the world.



Joe Kimble

I’m a Denver native brunch bro. I contribute to the essence of this city that promotes self over scene by creating the art that stands for my peace of mind. I have a corporate design job that allows me to allocate my earnings to fund a lifestyle rich in Colfax culture and Sunday swagger. I drive my dream car, own a home in City Park and create art on my terms. I’ve abandoned my traditional techniques in illustration to accommodate a more revealing approach to storytelling. The images I am drawn to and assemble are more often a reflection of my subconscious than they are a product of true awareness of thought: in this sense, I am putting together the pieces of myself and bringing them out for all (including me) to see. Collage art is thus a way to reach into myself and out to the world.


Moon Light Speed

Joseph Triscari, who operates under the moniker Moon Light Speed, cut his teeth making t-shirts and posters for various music projects he was involved with at the time. Now working full time as an illustrator and screen printer for the past 4 years, he mainly works with musicians both national and international. He also has done design work for the snowboard and skateboard industry, as well as book illustration.



Ryan Mowry

A guy who loves his ink and pencil. His current screen prints for various clients can be viewed at www.etsy.com/shop/pencilplan

Mathias Valdez

“I am not an ‘artist’.. Every idea has already been imagined, so I don’t try to make things that you have never seen before. Instead I want to take things you have seen a million times and make them look different and new and bright and fun. I want to take unnoticed things and make them resonate with you and in the end, I want you to be able to find some meaning in what was once insignificant.”


Jason Wenger

Jason Wenger is a graphic designer and improv comedian in the Denver area. He gets excited when he sees the voice inside people start to yell. He wants to be lovingly aware and fearlessly present but sometimes he gets sleepy. He enjoys digital and traditional mediums, how river otters swim on their backs, and the bands that still carry their own gear.


Whiskeyfoot Prints

Whiskeyfoot Prints is a screen printing business emphasizing on providing custom artwork and limited edition prints for musicians and commemorative events. Behind WFP is the busy Christopher Shaw–a contemporary illustrator who works almost entirely in digital format. Chris converts loose sketches into vector illustrations, and manually screen prints the art onto paper. Keeping the complex simple and the simple involved.


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