05 Sep, 2013

Typhoon – “White Lighter”

When I think of big, oversized music groups, I think cacophonies. A-synchronistic melodies and often non-sensical lyrics; wide-ranging harmonies and alluring imagery. Broken Social Scene; Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes; The Arcade Fire; Gogol Bordello. They’re eclectic and chaotic, and if done right, these messes of musicians have the ability to pull their sound off. Eleven piece Portland outfit Typhoon is one of those groups, managing a beautiful, succinct sound, complete with brass and string sections and powerful vocals.

Frontman Kyle Morton contracted Lyme disease at a young age, and underwent a kidney transplant after multiple organ failures throughout his childhood. White Lighter breathes rebirth into a struggle for a lost childhood through images of dying stars, supernovas, and life on distant planets.

Morton’s voice holds strong against blaring trumpets and raw guitar riffs on tracks like Artificial Light and Dreams of Cannibalism. Sweet violins and lulling, dissonant vocals and banjos weave themes of interstellar creation, destruction, and the infinite escape of time throughout Morton’s lyrics in Possible Deaths and The Lake.

If you needed one more reason to tune in: these guys raised over $63,000 to go on a North American tour via Kickstarter. They’re playing live at Denver’s Hi Dive on September 14th, a show that Radio 1190 is presenting.

Recommended tracks: Artificial Light, Possible Deaths, The Lake, Prosthetic Love, Common Sentiments

Written by Lauren Maslen

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