17 Sep, 2013

Typhoon at the Hi-Dive

Kyle Morton had never crowd surfed before Saturday night; not until Typhoon’s sold-out show at the Hi-Dive in Denver.

“You guys are really fun!” said Morton, looking out into the crowd after the band finished its song “Young Fathers” to calls of love and devotion. “I trust you. That’s not easy for me.”

Bringing nearly a dozen artists together onto one tiny stage as a family and creating beautiful, thunderous harmonies, Morton’s proclamation that he “trusted” his loyal audience set the scene. The crowd began shouting lyrics along with the band immediately and didn’t stop throughout the nearly two-hour-long set.


“We’re gonna play another song,” said Morton to cheers and shouts of, “You better!”

Cramming the instruments as close together as possible onto the tiny stage didn’t matter for this “family”; they share them anyway. Violinists are singers and occasionally beat on drums; drummers use violin bows along the sides of cymbals; hand claps and group sing-alongs abound with the audience always choosing to join in. Morton sings, plays keyboard, and guitar.

“Expect it when you least expect it!” Morton warned throughout the night. “When you least expect it!”

The band played the entirety of “White Lighter” along with songs from their EPs and their first full length album, “Hunger and Thirst.”


Morton rallied the audience into a chorus of, “No more encores!” before playing two last songs, and hurling himself into the audience, still strumming his guitar.

As Morton was gently propped back up onstage by fans, the band finished their set, sheer joy plastered on everyone’s faces.

“I’ve wasted my whole life not crowd surfing” he tweeted later that night.
Typhoon is currently on a Kickstarter-funded North American tour, visiting schools along the way. You can follow their journey on Twitter (@weareTyphoon) or Instagram (@typhoonfamilyvacation).

Written by Lauren Maslen


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