23 Apr, 2014

Tyler the Creator: One year on from the riot

Originally published at CU Independent 

At 6 p.m. on March 11, 2013, a line of over 100 people, mostly teenagers, stretched around the block anxiously waiting to get into the Fox Theatre. Fans had been waiting for three hours, anticipating the chance to see a free performance from the young and provocative leader of the rap group Odd Future — Tyler, the Creator.
By mid-evening, the masses swarmed the streets of the Hill, some attempting to get into the free show, others just wanting to fuel the hysteria. Soon, police blocked off portions of the Hill in order to keep the crowd contained. Despite BPD’s attempts to quell the commotion, the scene became unruly; at one point, an intoxicated Odd Future fan punched a Jimmy John’s manager.
About a year after the riot, Tyler, the Creator announced another show at the Fox Theatre. The show, scheduled for April 24, is in support of his new album, “Wolf”.

Tyler, along with other members of Odd Future, will once again bring their dark and youthful brand of horror-core, hip-hop raucous to Boulder. The group is known for their highly violent and sexual lyrics and loud, dark beats, as well as their off-the-wall stage performances.

Odd Future has a track record for sparking riots, as well as triggering violence toward police officers among audience members. Their antics have been so out of control that New Zealand has even dubbed the group a potential threat, and banned them from playing at festivals in the country.

This time around, the show will cost $30, and an extra $2 for those under 21.

Even with the limited number of tickets being sold, select businesses on the Hill are taking some precautionary measures for the show this Thursday.

Dalton Deboer, a manager at Jimmy John’s on the Hill, said that they are “considering hiring a guard person to guard the front door.” The sandwich shop is also “making sure that [they] are well staffed” the night of the rapper’s performance.

Considering the measures the Boulder Police Department took last March, Commander Jack Walker is not as concerned about the event as he was last year.

“[The] incident was caused in a mess-up of giving away free tickets to the public,” Walker said in an interview last year. But even with a set number of tickets on sale for Thursday’s concert, the police department is still taking precautionary measures.

“Boulder PD will have four officers working overtime for the show,” Walker said, “as well as Neighborhood Impact Teams patrolling the hill.”

Tyler, the Creator plays this Thursday, April 24 at the Fox Theatre on the Hill. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the Fox’s website, http://www.foxtheatre.com.
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