18 Dec, 2012

Twitching Tongues at The Office Space

After taking my last final, I decided to celebrate and go down to a DIY hardcore punk show. I know—If you have ever looked at me before, you probably thought that I would be the last person to ever go to a show like that. However, I grew up with the scene in my hometown of San Jose, California, and I love the music so much that I decided to throw on a hardcore show here at the station!

That being said, the venue is called The Office Space, located on Sheridan Frontage Road in Arvada. It actually is an office space no bigger than 400 square feet (more than my apartment!)

I wasn’t kidding about how small the venue is.

I wasn’t kidding about how small the venue is.

The community aspect of Denver’s DIY scene is quite remarkable. Everybody knows each other because they all go to the same shows. People there were incredibly welcoming to me as well and allowed me to be a part of their crew.

The bands I went to see were Twitching Tongues and Disgrace, both LA area hardcore bands that actually have the same members. In both bands, Taylor Young does the vocals and plays guitar, Lee Orozco is the lead guitarist, Kyle Thomas lays down the bass and Michael Cesario is on the drumset. The only noticeable difference was Colin Young, the singer for Twitching Tongues, is not in Disgrace.

I was a bit worried beforehand because Colin could not do the show on Sunday in Minnesota due to illness, but I was able to talk to him at the venue. He was still sick but ready to perform. Fear alleviated.

There was a second Denver local hardcore band added to the bill last minute. They ended up opening the show. Their name used to be Ironhorse, but they had to change it for legal reasons. For this show, they called themselves The Void. Overall, for a three-piece band, they had a solid hardcore punk sound. Unfortunately, the levels were off, so I could not hear the vocals at all. I focused on the drummer most of the time. He was going absolutely nuts on the drum set. The room probably had about 25 people when the band went on, and they all seemed to enjoy the 20 minute set.

Next up was local hardcore band Of Feather and Bone. They are a mix of grindcore, metalcore, and crustpunk. (For an example of crustpunk, you should check out Converge). The vocals were definitely audible, and the music was much harder. Once the more metalcore came around, people started hardcore dancing from time to time. Therefore, I had to make a fist and hold it out in front of me to ensure that I wasn’t kicked in the face. I will have the courage to start hardcore dancing later. Yes—I’m that guy.

Disgrace followed Of Feather and Bone. Their music ventured towards the metal side with good effect. The venue filled up to about 60 people who were ready to get rowdy. Disgrace played many songs from Songs of Suffering, their new EP released in summer of this year. THIS is the time that I gained the courage to start hardcore dancing (in my Radio 1190 sweatshirt no less.) I escaped that set uninjured, nearly avoiding a flailing fist in the pit. A guy next to me was hit pretty well in the nose. He might have broken it, but he came back for Twitching Tongues. Here is a song from Disgrace.

Now for Twitching Tongues, the headlining act. They describe themselves as “born somewhere between the tears of God and the bowels of the devil. We were cried from heaven and shit from hell. We are the definitions of anger and despair all in the tune of C sharp, but maybe a little flat. We don’t care.” If you ever hear their music, which is easily done with a simple search, you will understand the meaning of that quote. Keep in mind that their description is completely accurate in the best way possible. They started off playing “I Fell From Grace Feet First” off of Sleep Therapy, which made me start dancing again (and I am actually not terrible). Then, TT played some tracks from their new album Preacher Man and the instant classic Insane and Inhumane. People sang along with every single song that Twitching Tongues played, which was a great sight to see. It reminded me of the time that I saw TT back in San Jose. A custom at the concerts involves fans rushing the lead singer. He will put the microphone up to your mouth so you can sing a couple of words. It’s like one-line karaoke, except you are doing it with your favorite band.

The Twitching Tongues custom.

The Twitching Tongues custom.

I am thankful that I was able to attend the show last night. I escaped uninjured, with only a slightly sore back and ankle to complain about as I woke up at 6 a.m to sub for the morning show Wednesday. If you heard my set that morning, you probably noticed that I had Twitching Tongues fever.

Overall, go see hardcore shows in the local DIY venues such as The Office Space and Aqualung (formerly Blast-O-Mat). They will change you in the best way possible.

Photos and review by Joe Oria, Radio 1190′s News & Sports Director.

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