28 Dec, 2013

Trombone Shorty Review

When I picked up a pair of trombone shorty tickets as a pledge drive premium, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into.

The evening began with local band Analog Son with an acceptably repetitive Funk set that occasionally featured strong female vocals to match the smooth groovy beats in the background.

As Trombone Shorty emerged from the wings, he immediately began blasting our eardrums with his trombone. He and his band, Orleans Avenue, played a combination of original and classic blues, funk, and soul songs that each featured a different member of the band.

Was the show worth it? YES. the pure energy of the band mixed with the dancing of the crowd created an atmosphere unmatched by any show I have seen. It is truly humbling to be in the presence of someone so talented, and I couldn’t recommend a trombone shorty show more.


trombone shortyReview & Photo by Alexis Aaeng

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