14 Oct, 2013

This Week’s Tickets

Curious about which tickets we are giving away this week? Below is the full schedule of ticket giveaways coming up in the next seven days.

Give us a call at 303-492-1190 during the scheduled time slot to secure your spot (and a plus one) to any of these events!




Cocorosie @ Bluebird (October 21)


Wednesday: 7-10AM (JAMES)


FuzZ @ Hi-Dive (October 22)


Monday: 4-6PM (AMANDA)

Wednesday: 12-2PM (BECCA)

Thursday: 10AM-12P (ALEXIS)



Princess Music @ Hi-Dive (October 16)


Monday: 12-2PM (KEVIN)

Tuesday: 7-10AM (JAMES)



Desaparecidos @ Gothic (October 20)


Tuesday: 10AM-12PM (MISHO)

Wednesday: 2-4PM (LIAM)

Thursday: 12-2PM (ZANE)

Friday: 12-2PM (JAMES H)



King Khan and the Shrines @ Larimer (October 19)


Monday: 2-4PM (SUMMER)


Sleigh Bells @ Bluebird (October 23)


Tuesday: 12-2PM (NES)

Thursday: 7-10AM (JAMES)


Blockhead and Little People @ Bluebird (October 25)


Tuesday: 4-6PM (SUMMER)

Wednesday: 4-6PM (EMILIA)

Friday: 10AM-12PM (KATE)




Blockhead and Little People @ Fox (October 26)



Wednesday: 10-11AM (LAUREN)

Thursday: 4-6PM (SHELLEY)

Friday: 2-4PM (SAM)




Empire of the Sun @ Ogden (October 29)

Tuesday: 2-4PM (LIAM)

Thursday: 2-4PM (MAX)

Friday: 7-10AM (JAMES)

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