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The Archipelago Setlists

The Archipelago 4/12/19

Hannah Morrison

Underworld - 8Ball

Underworld - Two Months Off

Underworld - Low Burn

Underworld - Shudder/King of Snake

Underworld - Twist

Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3D

Underworld - Crocodile

Underworld -Dirty Epic

The Archipelago 4/5/19

Hannah Morrison

FPI Project - Everyboay (All Over the World)

Underworld - Jumbo

Fingers Inc - Can You Feel it

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle

Age of Chance - Times Up (Timeless)

Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace ('90)

Shades of Rhythm - Summer of '89

Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (2 Slow 2 Lounge Mix)

Skanna - This Way (130 BPM Version)

Tom Middleton - Astral Projection

The Archipelago 3/29/19

Hannah Morrison

Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Paradise Version)

Age of Love - The Age of Love (Jam and Spoons Watch Out For Stella Radio Mix)

Mr. Fingers - Inner Acid

MARRS - Pump up the Volume

Paul Keeley - Life Aquatic

Underworld - Jumbo

DJ Exisistential Crisis - Raised by Wolves

Camelphat - Sun Comes Up (Deluxe Mix)

Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv

Don Carlos - Temptations

The Archipelago 3/15/19

Hannah Morrison

Gat Decore - Passion

Shingo Nakamura - Thousands of Sounds

Glenn Morrison - Contact

Jakkata - Strung Out

Koellectronic - Kami

Oliver Smith - Pacific

Oliver Smith - Triangles

The Archipelago 3/8/19

Hannah Morrison

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love

Inland Knights - Don't Forget

Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv 

Flashback: Gary Numan and The Tubeway Army - Are Friends "Electric"?

16 Bit Lolitas - Vette

Jody Wisternoff - The Bridge

Leo Anibaldi - Universal 
strings sound pretty similar to Pacific State

Purple Velvet - Back on the Boulevard

Dj Koze - Pick Up

Stefano Esposito - Nobody's Fool (Luca Tuccillo Piano Mix)

The Archipelago 2/22/19

Hannah Morrison

Vibrashere - Seven Days to Daylight

Space Manoeuvres - Stage 1 (Seperation Mix)

Oliver Smith - Cirrus (Oliver Smith Late Night Remix)

Push - Strange World (2000 Remake)

Vibrashere - Sweet September

Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (2 Slow 2 Lounge Mix)

Skanna - This Way (130 BPM)

Caged Baby - Marmalade

The Archipelago 2/15/19

Hannah Morrison

Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise)

Underworld - Mmm...Skyscraper I Love You


The Future Sound of London - Calcium

The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea

Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part 2

Above and Beyond - Indonesia

Super 8 and Tab - Helsinki Scorchin'

Push - Strange World

Lhasa - The Attic

The Archipelago 2/8/19

Hannah Morrison

Montego Bay - Everything... (S-Tone Mix)

Shouse, Martha, Demuja - Text Apology (Demuja Remix)

Golden Girls - Kinetic (Frank De Wulf Remix)

808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)

Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark - Almost

Cignus X - SuperString (Future Breeze Remix)

Space Manouvers - Stage One (Seperation Mix)

Skanna - This Way

The Quest - C-Sharp

Don Carlos - Free

The Archipelago 2/1/19

Hannah Morrison

Gat Decore - Passion

Way Out West - Earth (Waveform Remix)

Kraftwerk - Spacelab

Luttrell - Layover

Matt Lange - Only You

3 Drives On a Vinyl - Greece 2000

K2 - In My Garden

Underworld - Twist

The Archipelago 1/18/19

Hannah Morrison

Derrick May - Strings of Life

Underworld - Dark and Long


Lhasa - The Attic

Modular Expansion - Cubes

Moby - Go

The Future Sound of London - Calcium

Zsa Zsa Laboum - Something Scary

Slam - Positive Education