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Radio 1190 is a public, listener supported, non-commercial radio station operated by a small and dedicated staff of music fanatics—and a large and equally fanatical group of volunteers. As a non-profit, and independent radio outlet, our freeform programming and specialty broadcasts deliver a truly unique listener experience, featuring vast collections of completely original music across the broadcast week, without interruption. Programming without commercials is a bonus for listeners, yet it means we rely on those listeners and the surrounding community for financial support. You can support Radio 1190 by any of the methods below:

- Tell your friends about Radio 1190.
Really. Tell them. They like you and think you’re cool. They’ll do whatever you do.

- Use our secure server to make a pledge online.
Ensure the quality and integrity of the music we play as you support the best independent radio station in Colorado.

- Become a Community Supporter.
Help Radio 1190 continue its efforts to promote and facilitate education, community involvement and the love of all things musical just by donating a few bucks, or a lot of bucks. Either way, you’re supporting a mouthpiece for independent culture and the people who make it what it is. Call the station to find out how, at 303-735-4818 or email