Support Info

 Support Info

How to support Radio 1190  

There are several ways to support Radio1190. Simply listening and plugging into the community that we serve is one way.  Our loyal listenership continues to grow and we aim to include our audience and community in all that we do. The station’s relationship to the community is a passion that we intend on fostering through the goal of providing an experience that
mirrors your ideas, opinions, voice, and partnership with Radio1190. We accept donations in many forms and couldn’t be more grateful for the gifts that allow us to to innovate and operate.
Your gift, whether it be a donated vehicle or recurring monthly donation, are as valuable to us as the goods and services that have kept the station moving forward. Our established underwriting and sponsor partnerships continue to improve the listener experience, while adding value to the local business owner. This signifies true partnership and we are always seeking to form these mutually beneficial relationships. Radio1190 finds itself in the fortunate position of broadcasting to a truly gracious, well informed, and involved community that values education, community and the music that inspires us. Your support allows us to cultivate an environment that will continue to promote the growth and development of new partnerships and the local community as a whole.

How Radio 1190 Will Support You 

As a student run non-commercial radio station, Radio1190 welcomes the opportunity to innovate, creating a unique experience for the community and our partners that no other media outlet can provide. We embrace the creativity not bound by the limitations of a typical commercial advertising model. We ARE college radio, a consistently expanding medium that has a home in one of the most unique communities in the country. Community Partnerships are extremely valuable to Radio1190. Local charities and the opportunity to support them is a cause that will always be in the fabric of the station. Whether it be through the hosting and promotion of events or providing access to the artists and overall radio experience to at-risk youth, we continue to look for ways to get involved

with the good works that our local community champions. Sponsorship and Underwriting Partnerships with the local business community is valuable to Radio1190 and we strive to make that partnership mutually beneficial through the station’s platform and capabilities. Our approach is truly customizable. With our on-air, online, and on-the-pulse of the community platform, Radio1190 is able to go beyond the limited marketing and promotional aspects that are standard within the radio landscape. We thread all of our capabilities together in a way that promotes continuity and reaches the targeted audience by way of the multiple avenues that engage the listener and ultimately drive foot traffic to businesses that we partner with.

On-Air: Radio1190 has a menu of on-air sponsorship packages that meet the needs and bottom line of any business owner, organization or non-profit. Our on-air DAs are always customizable to best capture the intended message of any business. We will work with you directly to produce live or pre-recorded mentions that can be placed strategically within our programming. Your message will be placed where the value reflects the needs of any business.

Online: Radio1190 will incorporate your business or organization’s creative campaign among our well established social media network and on our new website that goes live this month. The station’s ability to weave your business into our online network in a focused and creative manner ensures that your business will reach your target audience.

On-The-Pulse of The Community: Radio1190 is constantly producing and involved with local events. From the many concerts, festivals and sporting events, we will take a customized approach to plugging your needs into a myriad of event  opportunities unique to Radio1190. Our staff is also well equipped to execute your own event, adding the value of our entire platform to your marketing and sponsorship needs.
*For more information on Sponsorship and Underwriting opportunities please contact: