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Student Job Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

○      Actively target and seek new volunteers through campus marketing (word of mouth, tabling, event presence).

○      Welcome and provide orientation to new volunteers.

○      Organize weekly volunteer activities related to station improvement, event promotion, or other radio 1190 related work.

○      Communicate volunteer activities to  the 1190 volunteer community on a weekly basis

○      Be present at volunteer events, demonstrate and orient volunteers to tasks, ensuring task completion, management volunteer attendance, accounting hours for every volunteer, and preparing volunteers for further involvement in Radio 1190  

○      Recruit volunteers to all and assist/collaborate with other Managers on team activities.

Provide updates to Airboard and General Manager

Production Director

●      Actively create and produce audio content for Radio 1190 (sweepers, spots, CDotM, legal requirements, promotions, underwriting...). Make sure all content is kept up to date and relevant.

●      Pull, edit, and post archive audio from notable events that occurred on Radio 1190 (interviews, live performances, legal requirements...)

●      Assist with FCC edits on tracks meant for radio play

●      Maintain and clean production room

●      Help update library inventory

●      Set up, Mic, and engineer for live in-studio bands.

●      Film and edit in-studio bands with volunteer coordination

Provide updates to Airboard and General Manager


●      Maintenance and upgrading of Radio 1190 equipment

○      Repair or organize professional repair of necessary equipment.

○      Manage along with General Manager all capital improvements to station equipment.

●      Setup, Mic, and engineer for live in-studio bands.

●      Assist with WideOrbit maintenance when needed

●      Help program director with DJ training

●      Server work for Radio 1190 including the live stream, manager emails, DJpro and WideOrbit data-base, and audio archive

Provide updates to Airboard and General Manager

Please submit your cover letter and resume to by May 25, 2018