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Student Employment Opportunities


Music Director

  • Finding and Acquiring New Music

    • Be in regular contact with Music industry promoters, artists, and representatives.

    • Stay updated on prominent online music news and releases.

    • Collaborate with The Local Shakedown host and keep Radio 1190 relevant with local music

    • 8 hrs/week

  • Secure In-Studio performances, interviews, and merchandise from promoters

    • 4 hrs/week

  • Writing for Daily Camera and CDOTM

    • 2 hrs/week

  • Update rotation weekly to keep it fresh and relevant

    • 2 hrs/week

  • Every month choose a CD of the Month that represents the core of Radio 1190

  • Be aware of music being played on Radio 1190 and make sure it is appropriate.

  • Accountability:

    • CdotM each month

    • Weekly Charts

    • Updates with promoters

Program Director

  • DJ Management

    • Manage DJ attendance and provide DJs to fill in for absences

    • Remove habitually absent or insubordinate DJs from air, provide opportunities to begin DJing on a case by case basis.

    • Screen DJ requests for interviews

  • DJ Training

    • Train and monitor all new DJs and provide feedback on content during initial training process.

    • Advise current DJs on potential improvements and changes to their on air activities.

  • DJ Reviews

    • Provide monthly standardised reviews to all DJs providing praise, comments and concerns related but not limited to on air activities, attendance and music choice.

  • Manage and update weekly schedule on radio 1190’s website

  • Accountability:

    • Schedule represents a variety of programs and updates are provided to airboard.

    • DJ reviews are being submitted to DJs and are made available to the Airboard.  

    • Update of current/special programming


  • Maintenance and upgrading of Radio 1190 equipment

    • Repair or organize professional repair of necessary equipment.

    • Manage along with General Manager all capital improvements to station equipment.

  • Setup, Mic, and engineer for live in-studio bands.

  • Assist with WideOrbit maintenance when needed

  • Help program director with DJ training

  • Server work for Radio 1190

    • This includes the live stream, manager emails, DJpro and WideOrbit data-base, and audio archive

  • Accountability:

    • Provide updates on projects and equipment issues to Airboard and the General Manager.


Production Director

  • Actively create and produce audio content for Radio 1190 (sweepers, spots, CDotM, legal requirements, promotions, underwriting...). Make sure all content is kept up to date and relevant.

  • Pull, edit, and post archive audio from notable events that occurred on Radio 1190 (interviews, live performances, legal requirements...)

  • Perform FCC edits on tracks meant for radio play

  • Maintain and clean production room

  • Help update library inventory

  • Set up, Mic, and engineer for live in-studio bands.

  • Film and edit in-studio bands with volunteer coordination