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Student Employment Opportunities

 For all available positions below please submit a brief letter of interest and resume to

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    • New Volunteers

      • Actively seek new volunteers through campus marketing (word of mouth, tabling, event presence). Establish communication with prospective volunteers and giving tours to volunteers.

      • Welcome and provide orientation to new volunteers.

    • Coordinate a team of volunteers for delegation of  (name pending)

    • Volunteer Activities

      • Organize weekly volunteer activities related to station improvement, event promotion, community building, or other radio 1190 related work. Ensure someone with radio knowledge (managers, or volunteer team) is present at every event.

      • Communicate volunteer activities to all members of the 1190 volunteer community on a weekly basis

      • Be present at volunteer events, demonstrate and orient volunteers to tasks, ensuring task completion, management volunteer attendance, accounting hours for every volunteer, and preparing volunteers for further involvement in Radio 1190   

    • Street Team and Creative

      • Recruit volunteers to all and assist/collaborate with other Director on team activities.

    • Accountability:

      • All volunteer event emails also sent to Airboard

      • Stats related to volunteer attendance at events, volunteer hours worked and number of of new volunteers provided on a monthly basis.

      • Provides mentoring to all volunteers interested in the volunteer coordinator position

      • Must be available to train next person to hold the position

    Music Director (Two Openings)

    • Find and Acquire New Music

      • Maintain contact with Music industry promoters, artists, and representatives.

      • Stay updated on music news, weekly charts,releases

      • Collaborate with The Local Shakedown host and keep Radio 1190 relevant with local music

    • Facilitate In-Studio performances(as needed) and interviews

    • Writing for Daily Camera and CD of the Month (CDOTM)

    • Update rotation weekly to keep it fresh and relevant

    • Work with Street Team to find music for rotation

    • Every month choose a CD of the Month (CDOTM) that represents the core of Radio 1190

    • Be aware of music being played on Radio 1190,make sure it is appropriate regarding both FCC Violations and the ideal sound of the station.

    • Secure merchandise from promoters

    • Supervise Genre Directors Help them communicate with promoters, create genre rotations, and fill genre charts

    • Plan specialty programming

    • Schedule music and  track logs

    • Maintain  Automation systems

      • Work with automation system support team and Engineer to maintain and troubleshoot.

      • Input and upkeep database with all music, album name, library numbers, Legal ID sync info, and any other necessary information for the database

      • Input new sweepers, Legal IDs, and other non-music audio as needed

    Input and organize specialty programming

Program Director

  • DJ Management

    • Manage DJ attendance and provide DJs to fill in for absences

    • Remove habitually absent or insubordinate DJs from air, provide opportunities to begin DJing on a case by case basis.

    • Screen DJ requests for interviews

    • Communicate with DJs via the current main communication line.

  • DJ Training

    • Train and monitor all new DJs and provide feedback on content during initial training process.

    • Monitor programming and advise current DJs on potential improvements and changes to their on air activities.

    • Create and manage a DJ application every semester

  • DJ Reviews

    • Provide reviews per semester to new and returning DJs providing praise, comments and concerns related but not limited to on air activities, attendance and music choice.

  • Manage and update weekly schedule on radio 1190’s website and current main communication line of the radio.

  • Accountability:

Schedule represents a variety of programs and updates are provided to airboard. Make available to Air board any necessary DJ reviews.   

    • Update of current/special programming

Social Media Director

  • Online Presence

    • Maintain an active presence on relevant social media conveying relevant and timely station news regarding events and promotions as well as news from the music industry by creating a PR plan.

      • Engage volunteers to create Radio 1190 news content for social media.

    • Updating Radio 1190 Concert calendar regularly on all applicable platforms.

    • Marketing social media to increase likes and views.

    • 3-5 hrs/week

  • Manage Radio Website

    • Update the website weekly with written, audio, and visual content relevant to Radio 1190, Local Bands, 1190 promoted shows, and music industry news.

    • Head new projects related to the web page.

    • 3-4 hrs/week

  • Accountability:

    • Provide monthly statistics on views, likes, comments, and unique pageviews related to all applicable Radio 1190 websites. Provide info on growth or decay. If possible provide insight as to why.

Promotions Director

  • Write, submit, and retain contracts with music venues.

    • Secure “presents”

    • Secure tickets for listeners and members of Radio 1190 staff.

    • Ensure that contracts are being upheld by both parties.   

  • Research upcoming shows at local venues.

    • Ensure that Radio 1190 is involved in shows that are in conjunction with the station’s programming.

    • Writing and research take about 5-10 hr/week

  • Managing Concert Team

    • Ensure that members attend Radio 1190-sponsored shows.

    • Ensure that members promote the station as outlined in venue contracts.

    • 1 hr/week

  • Assist and help to facilitate on-air interviews and in-studio performances.

    • Performed monthly with assistance from volunteers for a few hours per month, depending.

Outreach & Engagement

  • Giveaways during programming

    • Create vinyl/merch giveaways for DJs to giveaway on air to coincide with specialty/holiday programming, this includes making the giveaway binder, contact with DJs who need to do giveaways

  • Stay in regular contact with sponsors and partnership

    • Being the middleman between the radio and each sponsor for sweepers, online support and upkeep of partnerships and contracts.

  • Meet with Creative Team

    • Manage promotional side of creative team

  • Shipping

    • Shipping out records from the Music Director, parts from the Engineer, giveaways, stickers, and anything else that needs to be shipped from the station. This includes picking up vinyl shipping boxes, making boxes from spare cardboard (as per request of Mikey) creating labels, contact with mailing services, and dealing with packages that bounce back

  • Events

    • Putting together open houses, on-campus and off-campus events, tabling to sponsored events

  • Monthly Finances

    • Helping managers with on and off campus purchases taking into account the new monthly budgets from Airboard, and submitting an invoice of purchases to Airboard at the end of each month