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Student Employment Opportunities

 For all available positions below please submit a brief letter of interest and resume to

Promotions Director

  • Write, submit, and retain contracts with music venues.

    • Secure “presents”

    • Secure tickets for listeners and members of Radio 1190 staff.

    • Ensure that contracts are being upheld by both parties.   

  • Research upcoming shows at local venues.

    • Ensure that Radio 1190 is involved in shows that are in conjunction with the station’s programming.

    • Writing and research take about 5-10 hr/week

  • Managing Concert Team

    • Ensure that members attend Radio 1190-sponsored shows.

    • Ensure that members promote the station as outlined in venue contracts.

    • 1 hr/week

  • Assist and help to facilitate on-air interviews and in-studio performances.

    • Performed monthly with assistance from volunteers for a few hours per month, depending.

Production Director 

  • Actively create and produce audio content for Radio 1190 (sweepers, spots, CDotM, legal requirements, promotions, underwriting...). Make sure all content is kept up to date and relevant.

  • Pull, edit, and post archive audio from notable events that occurred on Radio 1190 (interviews, live performances, legal requirements...)

  • Perform FCC edits on tracks meant for radio play

  • Maintain and clean production room

  • Help update library inventory

  • Set up, Mic, and engineer for live in-studio bands.

  • Film and edit in-studio bands with volunteer coordination

  • Accountability 

    • List of produced content with samples

    • List of pulled archive audio

    • General update on live sound

    • Soundcloud and YouTube Stats