28 Mar, 2013

Staff Picks: Joe’s Top 5

Every once in a while, our staff will share with your their top picks of the moment, both musically and non-musically! Look inside the minds of Radio 1190 staff and see what we’re diggin’.
These picks come from Joe, 1190’s News & Sports Director and DJ of The Core.
1. Death Threat’s classic 2004 album Now Here Fast. If you are up for some punk-influenced hardcore with a lot of swearing and a positive message, this album is for you. I discovered this album while researching artists for my hardcore show (The Core), and I’m glad I did. Circle pitting is in this Connecticut outfit’s blood, so expect fast-paced tracks from songs such as “Bloody Knuckles” and “Dead Last.” Then, you will end up with “Hated and Proud,” which disseminates the straightedge message of living and breathing the hardcore way of life.

2. Rude Awakening’s 2012 EP The Awakening. Once you hear the drummer hit his snare at the beginning of “Bound By Chains,” expect to be thrown into a pit with a bunch of people punching imaginary walls (my attempt to hastily deconstruct hardcore dancing, in which I gladly take part). If you like fast-paced hardcore, breakdowns, or somewhere in between, this album has everything for you. This band is only about two years old, so this band only has their best days ahead of them. They will be recording a split with Death Threat this summer, and I fully expect nothing but the best.

3. Twitching Tongues’ 2012 album Sleep Therapy. Band members Colin and Taylor Young have been incredible for the hardcore scene, and their involvement with this album does not stray from that. Their rock-infused hardcore breathes some fresh air into the scene, which is evident when “I Fell From Grace Feet First” kicks off the album. They took a couple of songs from their Insane and Inhumane EP to feature on the album, but it helps compliment the newly recorded songs on the 8-song CD. If you want to head-bang or hardcore dance, you can do both while listening to this album—It’s incredibly accessible. I saw this band last December for the second time, and their live sets never disappoint (even when the lead singer Colin Young is sick!).

4. Backtrack’s 2011 album Darker Half. If you want to hear another faced paced album from a Long Island, NY hardcore punk band, this is the album for you. Scream along with all 18 songs, and do it wearing a hat (that’s what the lead singer Vitalo likes doing).

5. Rotting Out’s 2011 album Street Prowl. It’s easy to say that “Laugh Now, Die Later” is a track you should definitely check out, but this is an album that you have to listen to all tracks to get the radness that is LA’s Rotting Out. We are also presenting their show with The Ghost Inside, Stick to Your Guns, and Stray from the Path at the Marquis, so come see what the fuss is all about!


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