25 Mar, 2013

Staff Picks: Alex’s Top 5

Every once in a while, our staff will share with your their top picks of the moment, both musically and non-musically! Look inside the minds of Radio 1190 staff and see what we’re diggin’.

These picks come from Alex, 1190’s Promotions Director and DJ of Testosterone Detox.

1. Citrus, the 2006 album by Asobi Sesku. I remember hearing “Pink Cloud Tracing Paper” in high school and digging it, but recently I picked up the album again and cannot stop listening! Perfect shoegaze, alternating between the best fuzzy noise and light, dreamy vocals. These guys kill it on either end. Singer Yuki Chuki alternates between English and Japanese and it’s perfect either way. Bundle up and listen to this album–whoever reviewed this thing on Allmusic got it right when they called it a cocoon of sound.

2. I’ve been revisiting Oracle & Odessey by the Zombies, especially on nicer days because who doesn’t love a dose of sugary, class 60s sweetness for a driving soundtrack? It’s not like this album is an obscure pick by any means, I know I’m being a bit obvious, but just in case you forgot, “Care of Cell 44″ and “I Want Her, She Wants Me” and honestly most of the album are perfect for spring.

3. Sigur Ros is releasing a new album in June that is supposedly “more aggressive.” Honestly, I’m stoked. I can’t attend the show, but perhaps they’ll play some of it and I’ll just have to know through heresay. Being a fan of the band for quite some time, you have to admit those guys have mastered the pleasant/cinematic/sad niche pretty well, so with so many albums under their belt already, it’s cool to see them take a different direction. Plus, I’m always down for some drone/noise. Their tour video gives a little snippet of what the stuff might sound like… I’m in!

4. If you haven’t heard of them, I’ve been just kind of perusing the Hozac Records catalog lately. They are a really sweet label with an “underground rock ‘n’ roll”/punk vibe. I have plenty of exploring left to do but they’ve released albums by People’s Temple, Reading (now Bleeding) Rainbow, Wax Idols–cool stuff.

5. Shows! SHOWS, SHOWS, SHOWS! Spring/summer in Denver already has quite the line-up, and I can’t imagine what is still to come. I’m trying to figure out how I’m even going to get to all these concerts. Spiritualized, Iceage with Merchandise, Acid Mothers Temple, Marnie Stern, The Men, Bleeding Rainbow, METZ, The Thermals, Black Pus, Boris, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Yo La Tengo, Torche, The Tallest Man on Earth, Parquet Courts… I’m only one human being but man will I try my best. Seriously though, check out our concert calendar to see everything that’s coming up.

What shows are you all excited for? What albums are you rediscovering lately?

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