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Specialty Show Setlists

Goth Nite 12/17/18

Hannah Morrison

“Nicotine Stain” - Siouxsie and the Banshees

“Eviction” - Linea Aspera

“Stigmata Martyr” - Bauhaus

“Samt Und Stein” - Velvet Condom

“The Moor” - Lebanon Hanover

“Fate” - Boy Harsher

“Tokio/Oklahoma” - Bal Paré

“Bad Trash” - Switchblade Symphony (Listener Request)

“Rituel” - She Past Away

“Now I’m Feeling Zombified” - Alien Sex Fiend (Listener Request)

“Unkept Area” - Led Er Est

“Time to Die” - John Maus

“A Night Like This” - The Cure

“Trier” - Human Tetris

“Spy Thriller” - Das Kabinette