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Specialty Show Setlists

Goth Nite 10/8/18

Hannah Morrison

“Katarsis” - She Past Away

“Inkonsequent” - La Fete Triste

“Black Cathedral” - This Cold Night

“Kriminalität” - Bal Paré

“Damascus” - Pawns

“Harpa” - System Lilliputt

“Other Voices” - The Cure

“Blood Ruins Film” - Eleven Pond

“Eternal” - Skeletal Family

“Nebo” - Sixth June

“Spherical Aberration” - Staccato Du Mal

“Sight” - Dark Like a Restaurant

“Through the Glass” - Shiny Two Shiny

“We Never Sleep” - Delphine Coma

“Cold War” - Oppenheimer Analysis"

“Lazy” - Love and Rockets