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Specialty Show Setlists

Party With Me Punker 10/3/18

Hannah Morrison

Husker Du - “In a Free Land”

The Question? - “Shall Be Love”

Flamingo - “Smart Girl”

Allen Ginsberg With The Gluons - “Birdbrain”

Sods - “No Pictures”

The Outsiders - “Consequences”

Defex - “Machine Gun Love”

Nipple Erectors - “King Of The Bop”

101’ers - “5 Star Rock ‘N’ Roll Petrol”

The Rentals - “I Got A Crush On You”

The Rentals - “New York”

Agony Bag - “Rabies Is A Killer”

Bad Brains - “Coptic Times”

Slaughter And The Dogs - “You’re a Bore”

Birdbrain - “Birdbrain”