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Specialty Show Setlists

Hypnotic Turtle 10/18/18: Willona's Mr. Right

Hannah Morrison

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - “I See Through You”
Elvis Costello And The Imposters - “Mr & Mrs. Hush”
Stephen Bishop - “The Story Of A Boy In Love” (DM Monday Morning Mix)
They Might Be Giants - “Dial A Song”
They Might Be Giants - “The Poisonousness (Hand Witch)”
They Might Be Giants - “The Communists Have The Music” 
Marianne Faithfull - “That's Right Baby”
Diablo Montalban - “Story Love”
Stephen Bishop - “In The Land Of Abe Lincoln” (DM MM Mix)
John Grant - “Metamorphasis”
Diablo Montalban - “Star Diddle”
Space Force - “Space Force Theme” (DM Forced Mix)
Stephen Bishop - “Red Cab To Manhattan” (DM MM Mix)
Stephen Bishop - “Sex Kittens Go To College” (DM MM Mix)
Sifl And Olly - “Lazer Eyes” 
Sifl And Olly - “My United States Of Whatever!”
Steve Gibbons Band - “Any Road Up”
Killing Joke - “Wardance (Live BBC)”
The Intelligence - “Telephone Wires”
SHMU - “Hololeaps”
The Makrosoft - “Suck Out The Poison”
Stephen Bishop - “Sex Kittens Go To College” (DM Monday Afternoon Mix)
Stephen Bishop - “City Girl” (DM MM Mix)
The Psycologist And His Medicine Band - “Free Nude Alien Show”
Here Lies Man - “Hell (Wooly Tail)”
Stephen Bishop - “City Girl” (DM Sunday Evening Mix)
Geraldine Fibbers - “Outside Of Town”
Stephen Bishop - “My Clarinet” (DM MM Mix)
Silver Jews - “New Orleans”
Marianne Faithfull - “The Gypsy Faerie Queen”