12 Sep, 2012

Some New Music Recommendations

I guess you could say that all we do around here is recommend new stuff for your ears and your neurons, but these are just a few standouts from a variety of labels and genres that I thought were worth a little extra exposure. The list is short on titles, but long on quality – because isn’t that how the best things are?

Bend Beyond Woods - Woodsist Records – Out 9/18

The initial single “Cali in a Cup” gave the impression that Woods‘ new album wasn’t going to be making any great leaps from their other albums, but tracks like “Bend Beyond,” “Something Surreal” and “Size Meets The Sound” exemplify how the band is really instrumentally tighter than ever. Gone are the 7-9 minute extended jams from more recent outings – but they aren’t exactly missed when Jeremy Earl’s songwriting is also riding its’ peak. The lyrical themes aren’t as light-hearted as the sugary melodies suggest, but the album is a well-rounded listening experience that is at once accessible, while also containing enough background subtleties to provide an ear-gasmic ride for anyone with good headphones. Everything you want is right HERE.

Oblivion Hunter - Lightning Bolt - Load Records – Out 9/25

This album is absolutely unhinged. Most bands these days put together about a half-hour of music and slap it with the “full-length” badge, but not Lightning Bolt. They’re calling it an EP, though it’s got almost 40 minutes of archival insanity from recordings made over the past few years. And they were clearly some pretty explosive sessions. Oblivion Hunter contains nothing but block-rocking blast-beats and walls of guitar noise that are sure to have your neighbors knocking. Your old neighbors. The ones who live in the brick house across town. The songs are loud no matter what level your volume knob is at, and if that’s something you can appreciate, you’ll probably also want to witness it live this TONIGHT at Rhinoceropolis, in Denver. BUY HERE.

S/T - Debo Band - Sub Pop – Out now!

Debo Band easily have one of the most refreshing sounds within the current ’70s Afro-Revivalist microcosm – serving up an exploratory blend of vintage Ethiopian jazz-fusion with modern style-points. Extraordinarily well-realized in its delivery, this debut from the 11-piece Boston-based collective brings together all your favorite sounds from one of the most fascinating time periods in Ethiopian music (roughly 1965-’75) and give them a swinging soul for modern heads to bounce on. This is heavy-hitting dance music for lovers of a complex groove (jazz, let’s say) from an authentically Ethiopian perspective. Beautifully relaxing moments swirl into intense psychedelic spirituals that can go in seemingly innumerable directions, but whatever direction that is, you can count on them going deep. I’d imagine fans of Akron/Family would enjoy. BUY HERE.

Whompyjawed - Black Twig Pickers - Thrill Jockey – Out 9/11

Though not quite an album, Whompyjawed is a 12″ release that merits inclusion here just because its’ excellence is unlikely to get much press elsewhere. This single just dropped, and what a single it is. One long song makes up each side, bringing us to a grand total of 25 minutes overall. They’re both classic slices of Americana – complete with fiddles screeching and banjo twiddling and washboard raking – it’s music from an entirely different head-space than most every other new release of which you’ll hear mention. Reminiscent of times when simplicity and pleasure went hand-in-hand. These guys don’t skimp on the heritage of their Appalachian roots, and it’s a delightful experience to hear how much pure distilled, uh, soul goes into their work. BUY HERE.

By Cal Huss.

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