30 Jun, 2013

Smith Westerns – “Soft Will”

smith-westerns-soft-will-1As the calendar flips through the summer months at an unseemly rate, we must remember to enjoy these leisurely days before they’re gone, and Smith Westerns’ new album “Soft Will” epitomizes this mindset more than any album the band has released yet. Continuing their tradition of laid back pop gems, “Soft Will” finds the band in a more wistful mood than ever, with hooks that seem like they’re practically wilting with sincerity.

While Smith Westerns’ earlier releases focused on the ragged vibes of 60’s garage groups like the Sonics, the band has slowly revealed their main songwriting influences to be the flashy glam bands of the 70’s like T. Rex, and “Soft Will” makes this more apparent than ever. Tender synthesizers and shimmery effects pedals dominate the album, with squiggly guitar lines reminiscent of George Harrison underpinning the upbeat pop numbers. Though straightforward, the songs are surprisingly touching, and make “Soft Will” the most detailed and pretty album Smith Westerns have released yet.

Out on Mom and Pop Recordings, Smith Western’s Soft Will is Radio 1190’s CD of the Month for July.  Radio 1190 would like to thank Twist and Shout for their continued support of the CD of the Month Club. If you would like to join Radio 1190’s CD of the Month Club, visit radio1190.org for all the details.

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