24 Oct, 2013

Sleigh Bells – “Bitter Rivals”

As Sleigh Bells has been notorious for creating music that combines a multitude of genres—hard rock guitar riffs, pop vocals, and the occasional hip hop background beat—I wasn’t too sure of what to expect when taking my first listen to their newest and third studio album, Bitter Rivals.  I was pleasantly surprised at first—strong guitar leads, impressive vocals with creative lyrics, and more than catchy melodies. The work of guitarist Derek Miller and vocalist Alexis Krauss is sure to “catch your ear”, if you will, due to it’s originality; I can easily say that the track entitled “Minnie” has been stuck in my head more than once. Miller and Krauss have proven to be a dynamic duo on their first two albums, and Bitter Rivals is nothing short of another showcase of their talent.

However, when listening to all 10 tracks consecutively, the album starts to lose a bit of its spark. While individually each track is great, they all begin to blend together and sound almost the same when listening to the entire album at one time. Most of the songs are a bit anti-climatic and follow the same formula. About the time you get to the 6th track you can start to expect what’s coming next. With that being said, “Bitter Rivals” is the gem of the album, with a strong guitar riff right from the beginning and a melody that makes you want to headbang and fix your lipstick at the same time. “Love Sick” is also a hit, which has a softer and more refreshing sound, and really showcases Krauss’ vocal ability.

Although I may not play the entire Bitter Rivals album on loop, I would definitely recommend giving it a listen. Sleigh Bells epitomizes originality, and this third album of theirs offers a refreshing sound that anyone can have a good time listening to.

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