25 Feb, 2013

Silent Art Auction to Benefit Radio 1190

Local artist Valerie Savarie has an art show entitled You, Me and Thou – A Portrait of You and Me  at Zip 37 Gallery, with the sale of one of her pieces benefiting Radio 1190!

Book painting by Valerie Savarie, with the sale going towards Radio 1190!

Book painting by Valerie Savarie, with the sale going towards Radio 1190!

“Me, Myself and Thou – A Portrait of You and Me” by Valerie Savarie opens on Friday, March 15th at 6PM and runs through Sunday, March 31st at Zip 37 Gallery at 3644 Navajo St. in Denver. The gallery is open 6-10PM on Fridays, and 12-5PM on weekends, so get down there and check out her work and maybe put in a bid for the silent auction to benefit Radio 1190!

More about the exhibition:

“This exhibition is about me AND you (us). At a quick glance from across the street, we may appear different but I ask you to come closer, take a long look at me (my art) and yourself (inner reflection). Our internal similarities far outweigh the peripheral differences we are told to focus on. As the old adage states “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Mainly composed of altered book art, each piece resembles myself–spawned from an impulse, memory, or idea (combination thereof) which I hope the audience (you) can somehow relate to. Read beyond language, embrace uncertainty, look past the classification and see each person as an individual. Get to know that person and you will find that they (I) share more commonalities in experiences and dreams than not.

I open myself up to you to exam, sympathize with, laugh at, question, and judge in return for your thoughts, connections, and remembrances. This is an interactive exhibit where you will be asked (not forced) to share something–some correlation you made between your life and the exhibit (my life). Leave this thought on a provided post card and I will return it to you with a sketch, collage, painting, or poem inspired by your words.

In support of community (he, she, you, them, I become we) there will be one piece up for silent auction with all proceeds going to Radio 1190–an important supporter and promoter of our local community.”

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