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Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7am - 10am Morning Show Morning Show w/ Ethan Morning Show w/ Ethan Morning Show w/ Owen Morning Show w/ Ethan Morning Show w/ Owen Morning Show
10am - 11am STFU(O) Chris Neureiter Landon Adler Jose A Recalde Krewe De Louisianne
11am - 12pm Sunday Brunch Jonathan Flowers Reed Merrill Ainsley Gilbard Benjamin Tucker Rob Balsewich Krewe De Louisianne
12pm - 1pm Sunday Brunch Ryan Bigham Mack Costley Audio Class Claudia Grossi
1pm - 2pm Orange Radio Derek Romanovsky Lydia Schram Audio Class Sowa Mrugar Vale Yang Crispy's Corner
2pm - 3pm Orange Radio Slowcore Revival Matt Shaughnessy Audio Class Elizabeth Vossler Ethan Cohen
3pm - 4pm Anna Haynes Noah Pacheco Max Askari Campbell Davitt Olivia Booth Zack Marshall
4pm - 5pm Nathan Bedsole Ethan Robinson Freedom of Choice Dylan Comiskey Local Shakedown
5pm - 6pm The Me Generation Degrees of Separation CU Football Show PARTY WITH ME PUNKER!!! Newman's Own Local Shakedown
6pm - 7pm The Me Generation News Underground Palette Play News Underground 12x33 Vinyl Obscurities Dayshardan
7pm - 8pm Goth Nite Boom Operator Wednesday Night Sports Show Mallory Gumas
8pm - 9pm Jack Hernstadt Bottomless Jukebox The Violet Hour The SynthAdvisor Ladies' Night: Hero Worship
9pm - 10pm Ambient Ethan Someone to Love More Than Music Y2K Play Loose Ties Hypnotic Turtle Radio ClimbTalk
10pm - 11pm Neue Haus Basementalism The LRT Improv Radio Hour Hypnotic Turtle Radio Queers and Coffee
11pm - 12am Hard Beat Circus Laugh Hour Sierra Fournier