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Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7am - 10am Morning Show Morning Show Morning Show Morning Show Morning Show
10am - 11am CU Show Ethan Sullivan Clew Lewis Jackson Prescott Chase Howel Krewe De Louisianne
11am - 12pm Victor Escala Flavor of the Week Aaron Rubin Cal Gearheart & Kat Durocher Jenna Hecht The Gradient Training Time
12pm - 1pm CU Show Rob Balsewich Drew Hodorski Ian Colley Nitin Beri Training Time
1pm - 2pm CU Show Trie Hall Kylie Ketchner Jack Czarnecki Gabe Coffman-Lee Lydia Schram Emmet Grundberg
2pm - 3pm No Hitter Vincent Stockton Erin Biafore Sam Koenen Kyle Wilson American Muscle Michaela Deck
3pm - 4pm Mama Tried Cameron Love Campbell Davitt Newman's Own Nathan Bedsoll and Matty Schelling Alan Tett Dj Crispy
4pm - 5pm Claudia Grossi That's My Jam Themed Adult Contemporary Jose Recalde Local Shakedown
5pm - 6pm The Me Generation 8-Bit Split Ugly People, Beautiful World PARTY WITH ME PUNKER!!! Myriad Discotheque Local Shakedown Chase Howell
6pm - 7pm News Underground Nolan O'Connor and Mollie Maples News Underground Mallory Gumas Shea Sahm
7pm - 8pm Tasty Riffs Probably Novel Jacob Besser Zack and Owen Anjala Katuria Sophie Sondericker
8pm - 9pm Of Lyric, Voice, and Word The Violet Hour Hannah Morrison Cole Hemstreet Climb Talk
9pm - 10pm Rave Club Someone to Love More Than Music The Cover-Up Rave Club Hypnotic Turtle Radio Night Owls
10pm - 11pm Nocturnes Soundscapes of the Wild West Ben and the Men at 10 Hypnotic Turtle Radio
11pm - 12am Hard Beat Circus Aidan Young-Sgoutas