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On Air Next 2.23.17

On Air Next

On Air Next 2.23.17

Caden Marchese

by Elijah Jarocki

We have three great new records spinning this week on Radio 1190.

Tim Darcy normally fronts the Canadian post-punk band Ought, but his new record “Saturday Night” brings his voice to unheard places. Rather than slinging mantras at breakneck speed (a la Ought’s 2015 release “Sun Coming Down”), “Saturday Night” is more rockabilly than punk. Darcy’s traded in angular guitar work for big chords strummed at breakneck speed. His monotone voice skips sweetly over the surface of the band with singalong melodies and feel-good lyrics.

Ought is an ultra-talented outfit dripping with different sounds and hard-to-place influences. If you’re a fan, you can hear Tim Darcy’s contribution to Ought’s sound clearly after listening to “Saturday Night.” This release works with Ought the way Brandon Flowers’ solo records interact with The Killers (although perhaps Ought has a little more street cred these days). I’m such a music geek. I love ripping apart bands to hear what each member brings to the table. If you like that too, listen to Ought, and then check out Tim Darcy’s “Saturday Night.”

If listening to Ought has you in the mood for post-punk, be sure to check out the new record from POW! called “Crack an Egg.” Castle Face Records, the personal label of Thee Oh Sees’ John Dwyer, put this release out earlier in February and we’ve been in love with since. POW! combines the synthy hits of early DEVO with Joy Division’s dark tendencies for a true blast-from-the-past sound. Fans of S U R V I V E or Factory Floor will feel right at home with “Crack An Egg,” its ultra-dancable, exciting, and full of scintillating sound sources. For the kids who love dancing to punk music, it's hard to find a better new record for a punk club. You’ll hear it constantly spinning on Radio 1190.

“Mall Goths” from Scarves isn’t mall nor goth, but a sweet new release in the style of Los Campesinos! On the first listen, “Mall Goths” sounds bright and happy. On the second listen, the depressing lyrics really sink into your soul. On the third listen, you’re in love. Scarves doesn’t overthink anything, every track is straightforward, simple, and exactly what you want. The band has kind of a folk-punk attitude without the brittle acoustic guitars (thank god). They’re part of a new wave of emotional punks, a continuation of the scene forged by Brand New, Kevin Devine, and Manchester Orchestra. Rekindle your angst, give “Mall Goths” from Scarves a try.

Hear all these records and more! Listen to Radio 1190. 98.9 FM in Boulder, 1190 AM in Boulder and Denver.