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On Air Next 9.7.16

On Air Next

On Air Next 9.7.16

Caden Marchese

Midterms are right around the corner and many CU students are desperate for a moment to relax. Take it easy, give yourself a break, and check out these three new releases spinning on Radio 1190 KVCU this week.

Of all the fall releases, “MY WOMAN” from Angel Olsen might be the most hotly anticipated new album. The record has already earned Best New Music from Pitchfork, and launched Angel Olsen on a lengthy tour across the country and overseas. You might remember Angel Olsen from 2014’s “Burn Your Fire For No Witness,” 2012’s “Half Way Home,” or 2011’s debut “Strange Cacti,” but “MY WOMAN” might be her best record yet.

The album begins with “Intern,” a melancholy alto ballad which finds itself in Lana Del Rey territory. If Lana’s not your vibe, don’t tune out quite yet. “Never Be Mine” picks up the pace considerably and leads into the second single “Shut Up Kiss Me,”  which is packed with electrifying tension, catchy hooks, and a Mick Ronson-esque guitar solo. Bowie feels like he’s all over this record: witty lyrics, unexpected melodic turns, and a great sense of patience are just a couple compliments I could heap upon Angel Olsen’s newest work. “MY WOMAN” is definitely one of the landmark albums of 2016 and quite a treat for our collective midterm blues.

A match made in heaven, there’s not much better than a new Angel Olsen record paired with new Cass McCombs. McCombs has been a long time industry favorite; within the music world he’s respected as a gatekeeper of the songwriting craft. Cass McCombs’ trademark is quality rather than fame. Although the spotlight is tempting, the singer-songwriter is adept at making great songs that never sacrifice expression for mainstream appeal. That’s something I think we can all respect.

McCombs is suave as hell and not afraid to push boundaries. His video for “Medusa’s Outhouse” attracted quizzical stares from the music press: it’s dark, NSFW, and certainly not what we would expect from the folk artist, but hauntingly beautiful nonetheless. New to Cass McCombs? Listen to “Run Sister Run,” “Rancid Girl,” and “Cry” first, but be sure to play the rest of the album while you desperately try to cram Differential Equations into your poor, battered brain.

Well you did it. You passed (?) your exam, it’s Thursday night, and you’re ready to party the way God intended. For all you late night ravers, arriving this week is “25 25” from DFA dancefreaks Factory Floor. The group took their pick from the best of electronic sounds. “25 25” is riddled with housey vocal jabs, industrial murkiness, acid drumbeats, and dance-punk energy. Like a quadruple Americano from one of Boulder’s 14 Starbucks locations, Factory Floor have a certain sort of untamed synthetic energy. I’m excited to play it on the radio, if anything “25 25” will encourage the drivers on 36 to move a little faster on a Friday afternoon.

These are just a taste of the great music we’re known for at Radio 1190. Take a listen in Boulder or Denver by leaving your dial set to 1190AM.v