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On Air Next 4.28.16

Adam Sputh

  Finals are around the corner! Eeeek! Take a break from studying and join Radio 1190 for another installment of Locals Live. This Thursday, April 28th, at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe at 1301 Pennsylvania Ave. local songwriter Oh, River will be playing at 6pm. Come join us for an evening of local music, great coffee and great company.

  Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon has made quite a name for herself after moving to Los Angeles. After three studio albums, playing in the White Fence touring band and collaborating with Tim Presley for their project DRINKS, Le bon welcomes 2016 with her newest album Crab Day.  Much like Tim Presley or White Fence, Cate Le Bon creates an ornate and spindly style of garage rock with folk rock and psychedelic tendencies. Though her style is light and effortless, the compositions are well thought out and placed carefully showing her skills as a songwriter. The track "Find Me" is a simple, discordant pop song with the same 60's feel as Foxygen but with the same quirks as a Wes Anderson flick. What makes Cate Le Bon so captivating is how she balances an apathetic personality with intricate music making rock and roll look easy.  Though Cate Le Bon pulls heavily from pop music from the 60's she does get strange and punk at times. "We Might Resolve" is a tight, catchy tune with fast-paced drum and bass combo that sounds closer to Patti Smith than anything. Overall, Crab Day is an extremely enjoyable listen with a lot to pick through, making it fun to listen through multiple times.

  Formerly of The Moldy Peaches, New York-based musician and artist Adam Green furthers his signature style of anti-folk with his newest album Aladdin. The album is a soundtrack to an experimental film he created with funds gained through a kickstarter campaign. The film depicts a dysfunctional family who live in a nameless American city that is ran by a corrupt sultan with a daughter who is a socialite. Much like Green's music, the film is homespun and endearing. The sets are made from cardboard and the cast was artists and friends of green. Unlike The Moldy Peaches, this solo record is more of a folk punk record in the same way as Jeffery Lewis and Los Bolts, where the tempos are not fast, but the lyrics are strange, off-kilter and captivating. Green's style is also heavily influenced by 60's psychedelic rock in which some songs blast off into space with swirling acoustic guitars. Overall, the album stands well even without the film and can be enjoyed in either sense. For those looking to satisfy their craving of anti-folk, Aladdin may be the place to go.

  In 2012 electronic ambient composer Julianna Barwick was contacted by Sigur Ros collaborator Alex Somers and after two critically acclaimed albums, her third record Will has been released in 2016 on Dead Oceans. Much like her previous record Nepethene, Barwick uses few instruments such as piano, voice or pad to create light, delicate and airy soundscapes. With massive amounts of reverb and space in between notes, the album is full of cavernous atmospheres that are simultaneously comforting and cold like a old, well-used cathedral on a winter evening. "Beached" is a formless, melodic track with cascading melodies much akin to acts like Grouper but with a string section that wraps around the composition like ivy. Each track flows together nicely and holds a nice balance between smooth and sharp textures throughout. Unlike her previous compositions, Will is much more upfront and immediate but still packs the etheral and emotional punch stronger and better than ever.

By James Calvet