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On Air Next 4.14.16

Adam Sputh

  Join Radio 1190 Thursday April 14th for another edition of Locals Live. At 6pm at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe local songwriter Allie Chipkin will be playing! Enjoy great music, great coffee and good times at Locals Live. This Saturday, April 16th, join Radio 1190 at Absolute Vinyl Records and Stereo for Record Store Day 2016. Come hang out, support local business and pick up some free swag from Radio 1190 at Absolute Vinyl located at 5360 Arapahoe Ave in Boulder. Doors open at 11am!

  The beloved Brooklyn-based post-punk outfit, Parquet Courts, return in 2016 with their 5th studio record Human Performance. In their classic style, the quartet mixes garage rock energy with a snotty post-punk edge with lyrics and compositional style that is more concept-driven. Unlike their breakout album Sunbathing Animal, Parquet Courts take a much darker and twisted direction. The title track is a poppy, fiery tune that is surprisingly catchy yet bleak and punky. Parquet Courts channel all the best traits of late 70's punk and post-punk from bands like The Clash, Television and The Gun Club, but this album heightens their western, Texan sensibilities. Especially on the track "Berlin Got Blurry", spaghetti western influence from composers like Ennio Morricone shine through brightly. The album overall is fun to listen to, but does not stick in your mind as immediately as previous records. But after repeated listens, the melodies slowly reveal themselves and the hooks are catchy as all hell.

  Brooklyn darling Greta Kline, also known as Frankie Cosmos, has released a new album in her large collection of recordings. Following her EP from last year, this full-length Next Thing is 18 tracks but barley stretches over 28 minutes long. Each track is a short, sweet nugget of indie pop and twee pop goodness. Much like twee acts from the 90's like Beat Happening and The Pastels, the tracks are emotional but are executed with a dry, apathetic attitude that results in a low-key swagger that is timeless and cool. If the instrumentals were not endearing enough, Kline lyrically touches down upon subjects like dogs and kissing to make this possibly the cutest release of the year. Unlike her bedroom demos, this studio album sounds clearer and more refined without losing the DIY appeal of her roots. Undoubtedly, Next Thing is some of the best songs from Frankie Cosmos yet. The strength of every song and the cohesiveness overall makes this one of the standout albums of the year and the Frankie Cosmos album we have all been waiting for.

  Recently reissued by Numero group, Radio 1190 is now spinning Empire by Unwound. The disc is a compilation of the albums Challenge For A Civilized Society and Leaves Turn Inside You. The Washington-based post-hardcore trio only released a handful of albums, but their style of emotional rock music transcended the genre even back in the 1990's. Unlike Fugazi or Slint, Unwound was able to balance the loud and the quiet and the light and the dark with masterful ease. The simple guitar, bass and drums combo is minimal, yet the complex and unique song-structures make the trio sound bigger than the sum of their parts. What's so profound about Unwound as a whole is that they're able to channel punk energy, art rock concepts, ambient textures, hardcore punk ethos and math rock complexity that sounds natural, unforced and organic. Upon further examination, it's unfair to give a great band like Unwound the tag "post-hardcore" because it does not accurately describe their music at all. Though I could ramble on and on about Unwound, I instead recommend listening to any one of their albums to become acquainted with this amazing band.