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On Air Next 3.31.16

Adam Sputh

  We here at Radio 1190 hope that everyone is transitioning nicely from spring breakback into school nicely! Tonight at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe, 1190 will be hosting Taylor Tuke as a part of our Locals Live concert series. Come out at 530pm for local music, great coffee and good times!

  Out of the depths of the east coat DIY scene, New York powerhouse Guerilla Toss have released their 10th release, Eraser Stargazer, via DFA records. Though they may get tagged as punk music, Guerilla Toss is not your average punk band. Instead of focusing on chords and four-on-the-floor rhythms the group creates these incredibly groovy yet fucked up danceable cadences that sound like a bastard hybrid of funk and no wave. Over the punky start-and-stop rhythms lay fuzzy and colorful synthesizers that add another layer of texture a depth to the mix. Tracks like "Perfume" have a strange head-bobbing rhythm with synth leads that are reminiscent of early electronic dance music from the underground scene in the 1980's. The star of the show is lead vocalist Kassie Carlson who's unchained banshee howl is unabashed and in your face. Much like Kathleen Hanna, Carlson's stream of consciousness yells are passionate, thoughtful and powerful. Tackling issues of rape, societal expectations of women and rejection of conventions of what it means to be a woman over top a flurry of bass, drums, guitar and synth make for a captivating and inspiring listen. Overall, Eraser Stargazer is an original, captivating look at a powerful young band that has not only released a great album, but has proven that there is much more to come from Guerilla Toss.

  Out of Copenhagen, synth-pop trio Lust for Youth gives a little extra love on their newest record Compassion. In the same vein as new wave and synth-pop giants Tears for Fears, New Order or The Cure, Lust For Youth mixes cold, dark beats with crooning and warm pop vocals and song structures. Simple synthesizer melodies lead each track to set the stage until a bouncy, driving beat builds underneath to really kick the composition into high gear. The vocals provide a human's touch to each track, as they are warm, sentimental and emotional among the stark instrumentals. Though the timbre of the vocals is oddly similar to that of the synth pop groups of the late 80's, the sense of hope that they convey makes them incredibly endearing and heartfelt. Though the album as a whole is not anything outstandingly inventive, Compassion shows great songwriting skills and masterful production. 

  Out of Plainview, New York, pop experimentalists Say No! To Architecture has released another album in his massive discography entitled SN!TA. The album opens with "Wieder’s Floor", a guitar-based jam that is jangly and prickly lead by a dancey, lo-fi beat. Though the sound is most definitely homespun and homemade, it's apparent that Say No! To Architecture have been meticulously crafting these tracks. The melodies of the guitars are strangely reminiscent of Parquet Courts, yet the grooves laid down on this record are much less punk as they are psychedelic. Most of the tracks span over five minutes and some even stretch as far as ten or more minutes. Each composition follows a mantra-esque guitar or bass lead and slowly builds and evolves into a psychedelic jam. Overall, though these songs are a tad long-winded and a little formless, the composition and execution of these sketches are incredibly engaging and interesting to say the least.

- By James Calvet