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On Air Next 3.3.16

Adam Sputh

  Attention music lovers! Tomorrow we have another edition of Radio 1190's Locals live at Innisfree on the hill at 6pm featuring singer/song-writer Spence! Stop on by for local music, great coffee and atmosphere! Also be sure to log on to for new sessions and videos from local and national bands as well as album reviews concert calendars and more!

  Formerly of post-rock outfit Cul De Sac, steel-string master Glenn Jones has been making instrumental folk music since the early 2000's, and come 2015 he has released his sixth full-length record titled Fleeting. Much like his main influencers John Fahey or Leo Kottke, Jones masterfully composes simple yet enchanting folk tunes with only a single acoustic guitar or banjo. Though Jones' style is classified as American Primitivism, his style does not only rely only on folk and blues of the past, but also indie rock and delicate, light baroque music. However, Glenn refrains from using his voice on every composition tells a complex story through rhythm and melody. Though most American Primitive albums conjure images of American history and tradition, Glenn Jones has created an album simultaneously focused on the past, present and future on his 6th studio album Fleeting. Many of the tracks are dedicated to people of his past, two of which are specifically about his friends and fellow musicians Robbie Basho and Michael Chapman. Recorded in a house on the banks of Rancocas Creek in Mount Holly New Jersey, you can even hear the croaks and chirps of the present outside world in the background of this recording. The standout track "Cleo Asleep" is a lullaby and a nod to his daughters as well as the future itself. Fleeting marks a recording of mastery for Glenn Jones and proves that American Primitive folk music lives on in the modern world. Out March 18th, Fleeting by Glenn Jones is Radio 1190's CD of the Month for March. For a full review, log on to

  Formerly of Candy Claws, Colorado natives Karen and Ryan Hover have teamed up with members of Apples in Stereo and the Drums to form a new psych-pop project Sound of Ceres. Much like Candy Claws, Sound of Ceres plays an ethereal and delicate style of psychedelic music on their debut Nostalgia for Infinity. The opening track "Pursuer" is a minimal and pulsing opening of the doors where the soft synths and whispered vocals take center stage. Once the doors to this album have opened, the operatic melodies and spine-tingling textures take over for a ride that is at the intersection of psych music and an ASMR massage. Unlike most Candy Claws tracks, Sound of Ceres dials back the chaotic and cacophonic textures in favor of sublime, minimal melodies and rhythms. The single "My Spiral Arm" is a terrestrial, meandering jaunt that evokes surreal images of woodlands or kaleidoscopic highways. Though all the tracks are incredibly catchy and digestible, the group is able to add in just the right amount of detail into every composition to make the listener wanting to restart the journey again and again. The smoothness and silkiness of the album is incredibly appealing and easy to listen to, but the eccentricities and personalities make this record incredibly special. After taking a few years off from music, it's fantastic to see Karen and Ryan come back as Sound of Ceres offering an album like Nostalgia for Infinity that is enjoyable, rewarding and deeply triumphant. 

  Psychedelic kings Animal Collective have made some of the most landmark albums in indie music in the early 2000s. On their tenth studio record Painting With, fourth member Deakin steps out to let Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist take the reins. Instead of diving deeper into psychedelic themes or exploring soundscapes, the trio decidedly focused on rhythms and melodies. The first track and lead single "Floridada" is a bouncy, colorful homage to different regions around the world with a building and exploding chorus that's incredibly catchy. Unlike the single, the rest of the album contains more head-bobbing and grooving tracks that are much easier to dance to compared to their previous efforts. "Lying in the Grass" is a tropical flavored stomp that features an echoed double-singing that appears as a motif throughout the rest of the album. Many of the vocal melodies sit in the middle of the mix much like the most recent Panda Bear solo album, seeming as if Avey Tare's spastic, cathartic melody screams have been decidedly taken a back seat. 

  Unfortunately, Painting With contains some of the most middle of the road and poppy that Animal Collective has ever put out. Without more exploration into the unknown, there's really not much to chew on besides the grooves that the band lays down. Though this is not the greatest Animal Collective album ever, it certainly isn't bad by any means. Painting With is an incredibly enjoyable listen and contains some of the most solid rhythms in their discography.