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On Air Next 3.17.16

Adam Sputh

  It's Saint Patty's day and what better way to celebrate than supporting local music! Today at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore Denver-based bedroom pop artist Total Goth will be performing. Stop by at 6pm to support local music and enjoy great coffee with Radio 1190. On-air we will be spinning Irish indie artists all day long as a part of our St Patty's Day Programming. Tune in!

  Boulder-based record label First Base Tapes have only been active since October of 2015, but the label has released four releases on only digital and cassette tape formats. The most recent is an 18-artist compilation album dubbed First Kiss Comp to emphasize the label's love for smooching and local music. With the majority of the artists being from the Front Range of Colorado or having origins in the state, First Kiss Comp is a diverse and eclectic mix of artists that sounds cohesive overall. The tracks range from emo to lo-fi indie to electronic to post-punk to experimental rock. The artists featured on the compilation vary from heroes of the local scene such as Bleak Plaza, Montoneros, American Grandma and more to new, exciting projects in the area like CooCoo Bad Brains, beat soft pop and Wrinkle. Stand out track "Undertheseajawn" by Scary Drugs is a bouncy jaunt, recorded live to capture the raw energy of the group. The track has the riffy, musical complexity of math rock but the fun, easy-going feeling of Mac Demarco. Other standout track is "Someone Else Like Me" by group ScaTTer GaTHer, which sounds more indie folk than their live presence, but the track pairs amble acoustic sounds with barbed lyrics that tell possibly an ex-lover "fuck you". Overall, the album is not just an interesting look into the current state of indie rock in Denver/Boulder and beyond, but stands as the flagship statement of this up-and-coming local record label.

  Denver-based electronic experimenter Thug Entrancer is back with a monolith of an album for his sophomore effort - Arcology. Much like his previous album Life After Death, Arcology is a dense, conceptual electronic record that tells a complex story without any lyrics. The album is based on an imagined alien colony constructed on either known or unknown worlds. Unlike his earlier records, the mood of Arcology is much more esoteric and deconstructive than Thug Entrancer's usual subtle style of electronic music. Though the album is a much more colorful and diverse set of tracks, Thug Entrancer keeps the entire record dark and mysterious. The sounds and textures used on this record sound very futuristic and Aphex Twin-esque in execution, but the equipment that he uses sound almost retro. The drum sounds used are highly reminiscent of underground house artists from the 90's, but are used in a way that is inventive and original. The single "Curaga" is possibly the most major-key oriented track that Thug Entrancer has ever produced, but since the samples and rhythms have been dissolved and deconstructed, the composition is more strange and off-putting than the melody leads to believe. Though this is not an album for everybody, Arcology is much more digestible, subtle and palpable than other experimental electronic albums. Undoubtedly, Thug Entancer has released one of the best and most interesting albums not only to come out of Denver, but electronic music as a whole. 

  Ever since dance-rock duo Prince Rama was discovered in a dive bar by Animal Collective's Avey Tare in 2010, they have become a cult act in the indie-sphere. Though the duo do not necessarily make electronic or rock music, their music has been self-described as "Now Age". Their newest album XTREME brings some incredibly groovy beats to the table along with a very captivating and strange personality. Simultaneously, the duo takes the campy, cheesy synths and aesthetic of 80's New Wave and the punky dance-rock energy of LCD Soundsystem or The Rapture. Unlike their influences, Prince Rama plays music that is halfway tongue-in-cheek. Though they make incredibly catchy and dancey music, their lyrics and music almost poke fun at the clichés and pitfalls of the genres. Overall, the album is fun, weird and danceable, but doesn't leave much substance to chew on as an active listener. But if you're looking for solid grooves and a goofy execution, Prince Rama is who you need to be listening to right now.