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On Air Next 3.10.16

Adam Sputh

  Another week means another exciting edition of Locals Live! Stop by Innisfree poetry bookstore and cafe on Thursday March 10th at 6pm for a free acoustic set from Boulder group Real Talk. Drink great coffee, hang with friends and support live music with us this Thursday at Innisfree! Also, tune into Radio 1190 this Friday at 3pm MST for a phone interview with guitarist Glenn Jones! His newest album Fleeting is our CD of the Month for March and you don't want to miss out on this exciting interview! Tune in!

  In the mid-1990's the debut album of San Francisco gender-bent punk band Deep Throats recorded their debut album Good Bad Pretty, but it's only seeing release now in 2016. The album is a guitar, bass and drums punk record with no frills with ferocious and fiery execution. Their sound is angular and pointed, with most of the guitar and bass lines following each other on a screwed up melodic line. Above the sludgy strings and tribal drums, are these soaring, charismatic vocals that contain a certain swagger almost like Dr Frank n Furter fronting a punk band. The group also has an air of glam rock to their sound where you can hear the influence of Marc Bolan and possibly a little bit of young Bowie. But overall, the group has their own idiosyncratic, schizoid, glammy punk flare that make them stand above their influences. Sadly, their only downfall is that the songs sound a little too similar to each other if listened to in a non-album order, but the eccentricities and unique personality trump any flaw this band has.

  Named to piss off older punk audiences, East coast group Jawbreaker Reunion has a sound to please any DIY punk crowd. With their new album (named after classic "straight white boy texts") haha and then what ;) blasts through nine tracks in barley twenty minutes. The group melds together twee pop, fuzz punk and poignant lyrics with a lo-fi tinge. Though the record is simple and incredibly catchy, the band succeeds at dissecting complex topics in a easily digestible manner.  The longest track on the album "Patches" is an intense story of a loveless relationship that ends in a triumphant, sing-along chorus that is truly enthralling. Though the group does have a similar style to other garagey indie groups such as Chastity Belt, the pop hooks and the operatic, charismatic vocals sets them apart. Undoubtedly, haha and then what ;) is a memorable indie record from this young group and will definitely be remembered later on in 2016.

  Bay area solo act Jackson Phillips, also known as Day Wave, has been touring and recording for years but his most recent release Hard to Read has made its impact on college radio. Like other popular bands as of late, Day Wave pulls influence from the rich history of Dream pop but with an effortless, synthy flow. Like DIIV or Wild Nothing, Day Wave is able to make watery, sleek rock music but without the numbness or drabness of his contemporaries. Instead of wearing apathy as an aesthetic, Day Wave tends to repeat mantras that hold a lot of emotional weight. But though his topics and themes are heavy and relatable, the instruments are light and airy but full and satisfying. The group has a strange ability to make music that feels so effortless but you know they put their heart and soul into each composition. Hard to Read is a little but satisfying EP that is easy to digest and makes great way for full-lengths and shows that are yet to come.