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On Air Next 2.4.16

On Air Next

On Air Next 2.4.16

Caden Marchese

by James Calvet

This week Radio 1190 will be hosting another edition of Local's Live at Innisfree Poetry Cafe on the hill! Stop by at 6pm this Thursday, February 4th for an awesome improvised set from Boulder-based pop experimentalist Jarocki! Come drink coffee, hang with 1190 and support local music!

Halifax-based Nap Eyes may sound sparse and minimal at first listen, but their sound is much denser than one would expect. Their debut record Whine of the Mystics was a 2015 sleeper hit of an indie record with charm and quick wit. Their sound is a peculiar mix of indie pop, alt-country and folk rock without the lyrical or thematic stereotypical pitfalls of the Americana genre. The ultimate draw of the record was the eccentric personality that revealed itself with repeated listens. Lyricist Nigel Chapman is a Biochemist by day, but writes on subjects that are simultaneously mundane, literate and profound. In 2016 with the release of their sophomore record Thought Rock Fish Scale, we find Nap Eyes polishing their sound while still staying raw and lively. The whole record was recorded live-to-tape which captures the raw energy and brilliance of this indie pop group. The album touches down upon subjects such and astrophysics, spirituality and poetry but ultimately Thought Rock Fish Scale is an album for the late night drunken philosophers. Chapman's delivery is reminiscent of Lou Reed's monotone drawl but strangely emotive. Though the band may draw the most comparison's to 60's Velvet Underground, the group can please fans of Wilco, Pavement or general lovers of golden-age indie rock. Thought rock Fish Scale is a true-to-form rock record that is simple upon first listen, but reveals itself over time and becomes an incredibly rewarding listen. With the group's charmingly simple execution and Chapman's lazy yet sharp vocal style, Thought Rock Fish Scale results in something innovative, genuine and classic. Out now on Paradise of Bachelors records, Thought Rock Fish Scale by Nap Eyes is Radio 1190's CD of the Month for February. For a full review log on to

If you don't already know who Ty Segall is, then we here at Radio 1190 encourage you to pick through is extensive back catalogue. For those who are interested in what this man has been up to, he has new album out now entitled Emotional Mugger. Leading up to this release, Mr. Segall had made it clear that there will be some changes to his backing band. Instead of the Ty Segall band including Mikal Cronin, Charlie Mootheart and Emily Rose Epstein, Ty would now be playing with a mysterious group called "The Muggers". The first promo pics showed the front man and his group all wearing these disgustingly cartoonish rubber masks in the form of crying infants. This release was set to be very strange. On Emotional Mugger Ty has decidedly gone heavier than his previous release Manipulator with more twists and turns in the songwriting style. More focused on riffs and demented rock structure, Ty Segall seems to be going into a direction that's more similar to his side project Fuzz. Though this is a much more wild side of garage rock with Segall, the album is still on the poppier side and not as ferocious or jarring as albums like Slaughterhouse or Reverse Shark Attack. We find Ty Segall becoming more comfortable in his sound but trying to make it fresh and exciting for the fans but resulting in a watered down version of his sound. By no means is this the end of the road for Segall, he is aware of the impact he has by putting out so many records and knows how to keep his story compelling. If anything, the concepts and strategies he's using for this record are very innovative and show that Ty Segall may have some really interesting plans later on down the line.

Formerly of the weirdo jazz-rock fusion group Fiery Furnaces came the singer-songwriter Eleanor Friedberger who is possibly the most intriguing artist in the genre in recent years. Her style is simple in theory, but when executed is unlike any other artist. After two records, her third release New View is a continuation of her unique style with a refinement of her particular voice. Her style of folk rock is very similar to the golden sounds of A Ghost is Born-era Wilco but with a Sharon Van Etten-esque confessionalism that makes her incredibly interesting. Though the tracks most depict complex romantic situations, the juxtaposition of heavy lyrics and bubbly instrumentation is simultaneously enthralling and unexpected. To the untrained ear, her sound is very simple indie folk, but her songwriting and structure is subtly unconventional, which could be a result of working with the Fiery Furnaces. Though her style of sun-shiny folk rock may not be for everyone, there is massive amounts of merit in Friedberger's unique style of songwriting.