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Things are heating up outside, but in the basement of the UMC, Radio 1190 is keeping cool with plenty of awesome bands playing live in our studio! Last Friday Denver weirdo-legends Little Fyodor and Babushka played the Local Shakedown. On Tuesday, Missoula-based dinosaur-hip-hop collective Mesozoic Mafia stopped by for a session and interview! Both of these performances can be found of our Soundcloud and YouTube accounts. Log on to or search Radio1190 KVCU in YouTube and don't forget to subscribe. And as you're doing that, go stream the station at to hear these rad albums spinning in rotation:

Though the roots of London-based artist FKA Twigs are in alternative R&B and electronic, her heavy flourishes in art pop and experimental makes her the most interesting character in her genre. After her incredibly successful debut record LP1, Twigs dazzled and enchanted not only indie but electronic and R&B audiences to no end. Her style is dark and mysterious, but yet with her sensual and piercing vocals that hover closely above the instrumentals, each track performed is altogether exhilarating and hypnotizing. On her newest EP, M3LL155X, we see Twigs growing as a songwriter without compromising her experimentalism. Along with the surprise release of this EP, an accompanying short film was released with it. In the video, Twigs explores sexuality by physically recreating the sensual feelings she conveys through music. Each track on M3LL155X is rich with pop hooks, but contains enough experimentalism and eclecticism to make them incredibly fresh, exciting and innovative. The lead single "Glass and Patron" contains a chorus that gets immediately stuck in your head, but before the song gets too predictable, unexpected tempo shifts and vocal manipulations transform the pop track into something otherworldly and sensually strange. We now see FKA Twigs growing and maturing as an artist and songwriter without compromising the experimentalism that has made her sound so tantalizing. With the artistry and unique style that she has built for herself over the past couple of years, it's apparent that FKA Twigs is not only one of the more interesting figures in music, but also the most important. M3LL155X by FKA Twigs is Radio 1190's CD of the Month for September, for a full review of the album log on to

Since their inception, Beach House's signature style of dream pop has ruled the indie music-sphere. Their early records Devotion and Teen Dream showcased a mastery of musicianship and ability to convey nostalgia, sadness and affection. With simple rock instrumentation, the duo-led group creates warm walls of sound and noise that engulfs the listener in blankets of synths and guitars. What the group does so well is that they take pop song structures and conventions and tweak them to the point where they don't sound experimental but just strange enough to be otherworldly. Come 2015 Beach House release their fifth studio album entitled Depression Cheery. The album is much larger sounding that before filling every little space they possible can with noise. The opener "Levitation" is an incredibly beautiful track with large, uplifting major chords that sounds incredibly akin to their previous album Bloom. From then on, the record progresses in the way a Beach House record usually does without many surprises to be had for even casual fans. Sadly, over the span of the album, there is really not much to chew on as far as sound experimentation or substance. Ultimately, aside other standout tracks such as "PPP", Depression Cherry just seems like Beach House doing business as usual. This album is not offensively bad; in fact it's incredibly gorgeous, but in comparison to their other works. 

Though Dan Bejar had found success in his previous group The New Pornographers, where he truly strides is in his solo project Destroyer. Over his now 11-album career, Bejar has perfected his brand of string-laden baroque pop. After his critically lauded 2011 effort Kaputt Dan Bejar has returned with a lush, incredibly beautiful follow-up entitled Poison Season. Though the new record is not anything unlike his previous efforts, the album as a whole is a truly realized version of his sound. With exuberant horns and waves of strings alongside Bejar's nasally voice crooning romantic lyrics, the listener just can't help but swooning. The opening track "Times Square, Poison Season I" sets the stage that this album is all about New York City, but more specifically, falling in love with New York City. Though the record has a very city-oriented and urban-type feel to it, Poison Season conveys the wonderment and whimsy of being in New York City for the first time. Though this album is nothing new for Destroyer, it's a fantastically well-written album from front to back. On Poison Season we see Bejar in his truest form, elegant, witty and audacious.