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Dan Burney

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James Calvet

Sup nerds! We hope that you all had a fantastic Labor Day and had a chance to tune into our Labor Day playlist! Even though we are back into the groove of school there are plenty of opportunities to have fun at shows this week! On Friday and Saturday Radio 1190 is presenting Natural Child's take over at the Hi Dive! Then next Wednesday, Sept 16th, The Coathangers will be ripping up the Larimer Lounge. So get out there and see some live music! And on your way to the show, tune into Radio 1190 to hear some of these awesome albums we are spinning in rotation right now.

Unlike most acts in the genre, Arizona-punks Destruction Unit do things a little bit differently. The group has the ferocity of Refused and the stamina of Lightning Bolt but hones in on the noisy psychedelic rock akin to Boredoms. Their sophomore effort Negative Feedback Resistor starts with piercing feedback for over two minutes before the group goes into a full on hardcore punk assault at a breakneck speed. The 8-minute monster on middle of the record "Chemical Reaction/Chemical Delight" twists and turns between mellow-yet-menacing passages of psych and hurling hardcore punk going at 120 miles per hour. Though the album is massive and winding, the tight musicianship and animal-like energy is something to behold. It takes a lot of energy to just listen to the album, but to play at that level of energy and precision for so long is bewildering. Though this may not be everyone's cup of tea, Negative Feedback Resistor shows Destruction Unit growing as a group and making a hybrid of music genres that no other act is sporting today.

Indie veteran's Yo La Tengo have been around for some time and in their true fashion, they decided to celebrate their 30th anniversary doing what they do best; covering songs. With their newest release Stuff Like That There classic tunes such as "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams and calm them down like a lullaby for a newborn. The hooks of all these songs are there but are at times so subdued that they are almost indistinguishable. Tracks such as "Deeper Into Movies" that originally appeared on I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One features none of the fuzz and experimentation that made the track memorable in the first place. The most interesting point of the album is the last track, which is a cover of a track from The Cosmic Rays with Le Sun Ra and Arkestra. Sadly, as it turns out, Yo La Tengo shy away from dabbling in free jazz and cover "Somebody's in Love" which may in fact be the lamest song in Sun Ra's discography. Overall, this album is just a thrown together collection of tracks that sound like business as usual for Yo La Tengo.

Though he may have gained the most success as Dinosaur Jr's bassist, Lou Barlow has been living comfortably by not only fronting side-project Sebadoh, but also writing and recording as a solo act. Much like J Mascis' dabbles in acoustic singing and songwriting, Barlow's newest release Brace the Wave focuses more on the feeling and lyrics that his voice and guitar convey. The nine tracks on this LP are incredibly stripped back and intimate and even though his demeanor dark and broody, the melodic guitars and clear vocal performance makes this record incredibly enjoyable. Ultimately, tracks ebb and flow between hints of Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh. Most notably, the standout track "Wave" could have fit easily on a later-release Sebadoh record. Even on the CD sticker, Barlow quotes himself and claims that this record is "7.8 pretty good - Lou Barlow", which the record is exactly that. Though this isn't a huge improvement in his singing or songwriter, Brace the Wave is a solid record from Barlow that fits incredibly nicely in his large, dynamic discography.