10 Dec, 2013

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The following was originally published in the Colorado Daily.

Well, it’s been a wild year everyone. We’ve had reunions out the wazoo, career-defining releases left and right, and enough artist controversy to last a lifetime (read: Sufjan’s typography rant against Savages, Death Grips’ no-show concerts, Kanye West’s existence). Picking the top dogs for this year is gonna be a serious challenge, but until our Top 100 countdown happens on New Years Day, look forward to celebrating a Punk Rock X-Mas with 1190, as well as special programming for New Years Eve. Last but not least, here’s our final additions to rotation for 2013:

Kevin Morby’s style of songwriting recalls some of the folk greats to come out of Greenwich Village in New York during the 60s. Harlem River is a laid back yet groovy collection of jams with a primary focus on acoustic guitar that at times is reminiscent of Kurt Vile’s woozy anthems, with a trace of early Leonard Cohen.

Throwing Muses were icons of early, subversive 80s rock, and managed to continue their streak of groundbreaking releases well into the 90s, but their newest release Purgatory/Paradise (their first in 10 years) find them adapting to the gnarled landscape that is the 2010s. Consisting of a whopping 32 tracks (many under the 2-minute mark), Throwing Muses indulge in the same kind of warped pop they’ve always dabbled in, but at times approach a more lo-fi aesthetic than anything they’ve put before. Purgatory/Paradise is a surprisingly complex listen for a band that’s been away this long.

Rounding out the week with some soul, Donny Hathaway’s new rarities compilation Never My Love spans the soul artist’s entire career, with each disc representing a different phase of the multi-faceted artist. For fans of Hathaway or to newcomers interested in delving deeper into 70s soul music, Never My Love is a wonderful entry point.


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