26 Mar, 2014

On Air Next @ Radio 1190

The following was originally published in the Colorado Daily.

Wooooooooooo breeeeeaaaakkkk!!! The most magical time of spring has arrived and as usual, it’s still snowed most days of the break so far. But not to fret, whatever you end up spending your break doing, tune in to 1190 for an incredible round of albums this week on rotation.              

Perfect Pussy have burst into the spotlight with their feel-good noise-punk anthems, and their latest release on Captured Tracks (warmly titled Say Yes to Love) is a blistering, barely 25 minute marathon through their signature style. Fronted by Meredith Graves’ high-pitched shouting and backed by a rhythm section that somehow manages to be tight and yet out of control all at once, Say Yes to Love is a gorgeous maiden voyage for a band who are sure to impress in the coming years.

Luke Wyatt’s VHS-tinged style has produced a number of disorienting music videos as well as a number of albums under his alias Torn Hawk, and his newest release Through Force of Will is a spectacular place to start with Wyatt’s bizarre yet serene aesthetic. Wyatt’s music comes off as a kind of response to the vaporwave phenomenon that’s overtaken bandcamp for the past few years, but where many of those artists aim for pure satire or pure queasiness, Torn Hawk’s music is almost heavenly. On top of Wyatt’s fondness for loops based off old commercial jingles, his guitar solos loop over themselves and soar off into the cosmos, leaving us to marvel at the otherworldly journey his music is taking.

New Zealanders  Blank Realm have historically excelled in a dark, psychedelic kind of garage rock, but their newest release Grassed In sees them taking an almost twee approach to their sound with wondrous results. Acoustic guitars and keyboards run wild, making Grassed In one of the most jubilant records of this spring so far.

Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190. Email him at sam@radio1190.org.

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