22 Jul, 2014

On-Air Next 07.22.14

The following was originally published in the Colorado Daily.

“On-Air Next @ Radio 1190”

July 22, 2014

By Sam Goldner

            Getting down to the end of the line here guys! Only 2 more precious weeks for me as music director before the next hot shot takes the reins, and we’ve got a slew of underappreciated releases for you to ride out your late summer with.


Daniel Bachman has established himself as a firm torch-carrier for the solo steel-string guitar, and his newest release Orange County Serenade (out on the terrific Bathetic Records) is one of his most varied and impressive pieces yet. Mixing his usual style of aggressive fingerpicking with some ambient flairs and arrangements unlike anything else he’s product, Bachman has provided another wonderful installment in his ever-evolving catalogue.




When he’s not shooting the shit with Ben Chasny in New Bums, Donovan Quinn fronts the terrific alt-country outfit Skygreen Leopards, and their newest album Family Crimes (out on Woodsist) is one of their most serendipitous yet. Tightly laced pop tunes abound, with colorful touches of harpsichord and piano adding to the duo’s acoustic stomp, adding up to a lackadaisical collection of songs from a group who pulls off the style with ease.



Alvvays (pronounced “always” but spelled with the v’s) have burst onto the scene straight from Polyvinyl with their self-titled debut. Channeling a type of old-school Canterbury pop through the lens of lo-fi indie-isms, Alvvays is a refreshingly fun album loaded with strong riffs and the vocals to back them up.

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