21 Jun, 2014

Music Festivals & Drugs: How to Avoid Having a Very Bad Time

Since longer than our parents can remember, drugs have been the true and silent headliners of music festivals. From the girl you just met at Bonnaroo snorting cocaine mid-conversation to the mom asking if you “need any Molly, honey?” at Coachella, drugs are so present at music festivals that access to them is practically included in the ticket price. However, more and more evidence is coming out saying that taking drugs such as ecstasy, Molly, shrooms, etc. in these settings is the easiest way to end up having a very, very bad time.

It’s summertime, it’s hot. Temperatures at Coachella consistently stay above the 100-degree mark. Last week at Bonnaroo, the Tennessee sun beamed down on the Farm at 90 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. Once again, its HOT in the summer, and while your favorite show might be that much better in an altered state, the risk could outweigh the reward.

MollySeveral studies have shown that intense summer heat and prolonged physical activity can heighten the effects of alcohol and drug use to pretty dangerous levels. Taking ecstasy or Molly (a combination of MDMA and synthetic compounds) and dancing the night away can cause your body to overheat without any discomfort, and some people can drown themselves by drinking too much water when trying to keep themselves cool. Last year at Electric Zoo, the festival ended a day early because two people died after taking Molly, and Bonnaroo has recorded 10 deaths since 2002 due to drug abuse. At both of these festivals and many more around the country this summer, administrators are upping security and entrance-screening to try to keep these drugs out– but, of course, they make their way in anyway.

The High Times compiled a list of 7 tips on how to party hard without dying:

1. Know what you’re taking isn’t regulated. Even the person you got it from may not know what’s in it.

2. It’s very tough to judge dosage with powder-form Molly. A typical amount of 80-125 mg is about the size of a dime. Aim low– risks increase the more you take.

3. Molly takes about 40 minutes to an hour to take effect. Novice users often miss the first signs of an oncoming high. Resist the urge to take more because you’re “not feeling it.”

4. If you’re dancing or engaging in other physical activity, take breaks. Overheating causes a large percentage of medical emergencies.

5. Drink water– but not too much. Most of the other medical emergencies result from people drinking too much water too fast, i.e., more than one bottle of water an hour.

6. Don’t mix Molly with other drugs, including alcohol and caffeine. MDMA dehydrates; adding alcohol and caffeine to the mix makes it worse.

7. Buy a test kit, learn to use it, and use it correctly on every single batch of drugs that you and your friends use.


So friends, be smart and be safe! We wish you a happy and healthy festival season, from all of us at Radio 1190.


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  1. June 22, 2014

    good article, been to a few festivals and these are rules i take to heart every time. excess is distress

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