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The Max Hour

The Max Hour 2/18/19

Hannah Morrison

"Wide Awake" - Parquet Courts

"1979" - The Smashing Pumpkins

"Milk Man" - Deerhoof

"Chandler" - Cuckoo

"Memory Lane" - Anemone

"Pearly" - Palm

"Sun Poisoning" - Horse Jumper of Love

"Toxicity" - System Of A Down

"Is This It" - The Strokes

"Million Young" - The American Analog Set

"Demands" - Makthaverskan

"I Just Wanna Get Along" - The Breeders

"Time Trap" - Built To Spill

"Heart Cooks Brain" - Modest Mouse

The Max Hour 2/4/19

Hannah Morrison

“Declutter” - Illuminati Hotties
“Pretend” - Alex G
“Poison” - Horse Jumper of Love
“1979” - The Smashing Pumpkins
“All” - Katie Day
“Dead Lovers” - The Lindas
“It’s A Wonderful Life” - Sparklehorse
“Mr. Blue Sky” - Weezer
“Headache” - American Grandma
“I’m So Tired” - Fugazi
“Here Come the Rome Plows” - Drive Like Jehu
“Trash Bed” - Guerrilla Toss
“Biblical Violence” - Hella
“Not Abel” - Hop Along
“Drop You Vivid Colors” - luminousorange

The Max Hour 1/28/19

Hannah Morrison

Magic Dirt - Daddy

Concerning Eye – Golden Ticket

Buffalo Tom – Lost Weekend

Archetype – Broadcast

Les Sans Cullotes – Les Sauvages

Deerhoof – Choco Fight

Fruit Bats – My Unusual Friend

The Spinanes – Rummy

Big Breakfast – J-Curve

Lady Lazarus – Half-Life

The Death Set – Slap Slap Slap Pound Upon Down Snap

Lotek Hi-Fi – Ram Dancehall

Turing Machine – Rock. Paper. Rock

Archers of Loaf – South Carolina

The Max Hour 1/14/19

Hannah Morrison

“Little League” - Cap'n Jazz

“This Charming Man” - The Smiths

“Marea” - Helvetia

“Black Hair” - (Sandy) Alex G

“I.H.S.Y.A.” - Peaer

“Nevermine” - Forth Wanderers

“Second Rate Machines” - Algernon Cadwallader

“Beat the Heart” - Tallies

“You've Passed” - Neutral Milk Hotel

“H o e” - Katie Dey

“Five String Serenade” - Mazzy Star

“monumental shame” - The Spirit of the Beehive

“Ya'll Boots Hats? (Die Angry)” - Glocca Morra

“Wave” - Antonio Carlos Jobim

“The Moon” - The Microphones