01 Mar, 2012

March ’12 CD of the Month: Something by Chairlift


Chairlift - Something

Chairlift met at CU Boulder in 2006, forming for the unusual purpose of crafting music for haunted houses. The bandmates, Aaron Pfenning, Caroline Polachek and Patrick Winberly soon realized that their music transcended their original purpose and collectively decided to move to the musical mecca of Brooklyn, seeking inspiration.


Their debut effort Does This Inspire You was released in April 2008. The avant-pop and space rock sound was greeted with mainstream success through an Apple commercial featuring their single “Bruises”. The record became a hit, galvanizing the band to begin working on their second effort.


After signing with Kanine Records, the trio became a duo, dropping Pfenning, all the while maintaining their synth-pop and electro-art influences of the 70s and 80s. The album was recorded in Brooklyn and London with the production help of Dan Carey, who has worked with CSS and The Kills. The result is a sublime sophomore release in the vein of Kate Bush, Class Actress and Yeasayer. It’s a great listen and that’s why we’ve given it the title of CD of the Month for March.

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