08 Oct, 2013

LAKE – “Circular Doorways”

I know LAKE as a K records band. It means, like many K artists before, they aren’t afraid to bring the ghosts of music past back to haunt you. And that’s exactly what Circular Doorway does, but in a relaxing, dreaming-of-a-sunny-day sort of way with funk infused delivery of whispering indiepop.

LAKE is Andrew Dorsett, Ashley Erikson, Eli Moore, and Markly Morrison. Forming around 2006 in Olympia, Washington they had their debut album Lake recorded by Karl Blau. They teamed up with K records in 2008, and has called K home ever since. Circular Doorways was self-released in the summer of 2013 under the label Water Island, started by members of LAKE.

Circular Doorway starts off with the title tracking, bringing thoughts of carousel rides and midsummer carnivals, breaking into a funky mood halfway through the song. The funk continues through What You See is What You Get accompanied by lyrical sass reminding the target of the song that what they see is what they get, nothing more. Don’t Hate Yourself is an upbeat reminder that love is everywhere written in a styling of Doo-Wop with a helping hand of teenage charm. From the Crying Room, the album begins to slow down, keeping the teenage nostalgia, and soft funky sound mixing in pop sounds from the 50’s and 60’s.

Would I recommend this album to my friends? I already have. If you are going to listen to this album, find a comfy couch; a friend; and most importantly: do not forget your dance shoes.


Review by Nicholas Perrone

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