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Junctures Setlists

Junctures 2/13/19:Heaven Metal

Hannah Morrison

A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Destroys Connecticut by Have A Nice Life 

Bloodhail by Have A Nice Life 

Ignorant Piece Of Shit by Carissa's Weird 

Klonopin by Drowse 

(Bedroom) by Drowse 

Past Lives by Planning For Burial 

Past Lives by Planning For Burial 

Forever by Midwife 

RTD pt I and II by Midwife 

Washer by Slint 

Junctures 2/6/19: First Love

Hannah Morrison

New York by Acid Ghost 

Gone For The Summer by Teen Daze 

Avalanche by Blackbird Blackbird 

Think Too Much Feel Too Little by Jaws 

Saviour by Teen Daze 

Fly by Blackbird Blackbird 

Down By The Water by The Drums 

You and I by Washed Out 

Pendulim by Pure Bathing Culture 

Beginning To Blue by Still Corners 

Navy Light by Labyrinth Ear 

For Paulina by Teen Daze 

You by Day Wave 

Idaho Pt 2 by Acid Ghost 

Cannons by Youth Lagoon 

Pope Is A Rockstar by Sales 

Junctures 1/23/19: Reminiscence

Hannah Morrison

Babylon by Oneohtrix Point Never & Alex G 

July 27, 2015 by Alex G 

Mermaid by Spencer Radcliffe 

Girl by Salvia Palth 

You Were Afraid by Night Beds 

Bit By A Dead Bee Pt II by Foxing 

Tripper by Alex G 

A Frame by Jarocki 

Really Good Bad Boys Club by Rosie Forever 

Wonder Ricky by Telephone Tag 

Cololuv by Giantee 

Icehead by Zachary Cole Smith 

Junctures 1/16/19: Forever

Hannah Morrison

How To Draw / Petrichor by The 1975

Canadian Prairies by Dirty Beaches 

Bemonsdey Bosom (Right) by King Krule 

Ageispolis by Aphex Twin 

Sleep by Copeland 

Colony Park by Cuckoo 

Water Park Theme Reprise by Dirty Beaches 

La Lune by King Krule 

How The Weather Comes Over The Central Hillside by Alan Sparkawk

Always Trying To Work It Out by Low 

Caves by Arrange 

Milkshakes In The Rain by Blithe Field 

45 by Bon Ever 

The Races by Grouper 

Forever by Midwife